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I think it worked because I mean, what they were trying to do is get Zeh Jones mash up on a linebacker that worked for a few times. And then eventually the patriots th just that didn't happen anymore and they played in basin and for the rest of the game. It's it just seemed like the Buffalo Bills could not move the ball. And of course, Bill Belichick. He he fucks him. Again. Find one the final Bill bell to about this. We've got this great report out that that Josh Gordon is going to miss plays in the game. Right. It's gonna misplace in a game. Okay. So I'm just telling you like it Bella checks going to bench a player. He's not benching him for two periods. Okay. Like, Like, I said. I said, no way. Remember what happened to Malcolm Butler? Malcolm Butler was there. He didn't play. Okay. I don't still nobody knows what happened to Malcolm Butler. Just like nobody knows it up in a the db Cooper like at Lisa riddles were just never going to get soft. Right. Okay. Guy. Got it. We'll get that move on. But the reality of it is is tape. Frazier is is that. That's never in the patriots motorcyle Brandon that they're going to sit a player for series, and they're going to let it out like when of the one of the the patriots have had they kept the secret of Malcolm Butler, better than any organization in the history of fucking football. Right. They've kept a better in anybody. And now in week eight you're gonna find out that Josh Gordon, Mr. meeting and he's going to not play. I mean is that a non I mean come on? Gimme a break. And then today people are saying, well, the reason Bella check didn't play them played them as because he wanted to mess with the media. Let me say this to you Bella check the last thing Bella checks thinking about is the medium. He's thinking about buffalo and today he's thinking about Aaron Rodgers coming to town so worried about dick and the media. He's worried about his team. But that story to me never had legs because that's not what they do. They would have kept Gordon home. If that's what they would have done. They don't just sit a guy out for a series. That's not what they do in the real question. There is that story gets reported. And obviously we start the first series. I mean, they were talking about a pre-game everyone's bringing it up. Josh Gordon was not gonna play the first quarter. Whatever were you know, I series. Josh Gordon runs onto the field. And you know, no one. There was no backtracking at all dresses eggs. Nobody says anything it's like we took the gospel from NFL network. Like, this is a real story. No. I mean, maybe it wasn't a real story. Like, do you have proof that you know? Josh Gordon was out late at night. You don't push. You. Don't know. I don't know. Like, you know, and look I would it surprise me. Josh Gordon was late for meeting. No. Of course, he's been late for ten thousand meetings. You know, I you know, that wouldn't surprise me but up there that's not how they handle their business. That's not how they do shit. They don't let you. Okay, you're just gonna you're gonna miss two series here..

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