White House, FBI, Internet Observatory discussed on Mark Levin


Disinformation all the time. They even hand themselves Pulitzer Prizes as a result. Can we go to Russia Collusion? There was never any evidence whatsoever, Period and we spent 2.5 in three years on this, and they tried to take out President Trump as a result of it. You said that disinformation. When auntie from black lives matter trying to attack The White House where federal courthouse isn't that domestic terrorists. So why is it only now that this is being written about? Why is it mutually exclusive that you can have the clan and neo Nazis and so forth? As well as Marxists and neo Marxists and Black lives matter, Antifa why Why are they mutually exclusive? They're not mutually exclusive. All of them are attacking the fabric of the nation. Now the fact that this This group. I don't know how many There were. I don't know why the FBI doesn't tell us at this point. Violently attacked the Capitol building while members of Congress were there on January 6th. Is not compared to The left. Extremist domestic extremists. Attacking the White House. The White House. Amazes me. They do this in broad daylight. The media Right now, these experts said the federal government's response, the disinformation and domestic extremism again, they pull them together is haphazard and spread across multiple agencies, and there's a lot of unnecessary overlap. Rene duress to a disinformation researcher. It's Sanford's Internet Observatory. Internet Observatory gave the example of two seemingly unrelated problems. Misinformation. I thought we returned about disinformation. And covert 19 and this information about election from Often, she said. The same people in groups are responsible for spreading Both types Star instead of two parallel process is one of the centers for Disease control aimed at tamping down covert related conspiracy theories. And another at the Federal Election Commission trying to correct voting misinformation. A centralized task force could coordinate a single strategic response. Unbelievable. So this guy al experiencing has been writing on and on former New York Times reporter Not so much that has been wrong with the federal government's response to cover 19, including the so called scientists and departments and all the rest of it. He could theoretically be called an agent. In this information who would wind up on the same list is the neo Nazis. That's the problem with this. From these damn fools in these universities in these damn fools at The New York Times. Task force could also meet regularly with tech platforms and push for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extreme. This would be a perfect document. For the communist Chinese regime sort of Vladimir Putin regime. For the Iranian regime. The Castro regime. But apparently for the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. Justice, BRANDEIS said. Obviously some time ago. Justice, BRANDEIS said. My paraphrase. The answer. Hate speech is more speak. You hear that anywhere on the left? You have that in any newspaper in America. Do you hear that from any Democrat ever? Not less. Speech, more speak. And what they're doing now. Is there also Fuzzing up or mushing up the line. Between speak and violence. That's why break that's what big tech is doing now. They're saying that this speech is violent or could lead to violence. Therefore we are Eliminating it. All of this needs to be looked at, not by government. By you and me because these air our liberties that they're intending to control and regulate and have a commission examine. Absolutely shocking. I'll be right back. Mud been.

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