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And You know I think that. A lot of people want to cancel rupaul. Mainly because of their I think misguided views of him as a Trans Phob so whether it is Sherry Pie or whether which the guy that wrote about this about Sherry in the advocate claimed that That the finale should Dan Cherry Pie that the whole season should be cancelled and mentioned ruse. So these are people with trans so these are people who are already who already see rue as the devil and Right now just getting there. And so this is another You Know Chink. In ruse armor with which they can attack him for what I think are misguided accusations about him being a Trans Phobia because who he decides to cast on a show called Ru Paul's drag race and If you are really concerned here's the other thing. I want to bring up these people that want to make a big deal about ruse fracking Who did you vote for in Two Thousand Sixteen Hillary Clinton fracking Queen Obama bragged? Do you like him. Obama bragged that that now we export more oil than we import because of his emphasis on fracking. So if you are not going after fractures who are who are you. Know pushing fracking all over the country. And you're only going against someone You know who has one ranch in Wyoming? You're full of Shit and you just want to get at Rupaul. You don't give a shit about fractures. You actively support vote for and give money to people who peddle fractures I think why. There's a lot of energy and anger directed to Rupaul from especially. Lgbtq people is because we feel that repulse closer to us and we have an ability to influence his decisions because we see him as a very influential person and somebody like Obama. Hillary Clinton is very far away. And we don't feel like we have as much of a sway in how they think about the world that however I do think agree with you. One hundred percent that there is something in an undercurrent in us as people who have suffered a people who have not been heard and seen that when we see one of our own become highly influential and economically successful or culturally visible is that there is a part of us all of us. We share that. There's this jealousy and this anger that we want to bring them down. And I think Rupaul is more scrutinized than any one else is in terms of that. And you know it's possible to be right and also to be highly. Scrutinized am against fracking. Again we need to move away from fossil fuels or you know. We're not going to meet that eleven year deadline or is it ten now which we do irreparable damage so. I do not say that I do not criticize ru if he is fracking. Because I want to bring someone down. If he is doing that he is doing something. That is terrible. It's possible to be both right. It is possible for Rupaul to be doing something terrible. And however he's also held and scrutinized to a higher standard because he's lgbtq person who is so successful no he's lgbt person who is successful and who is tracking yes. Aren't we agreeing on the same thing you just said it was part of it is that people are trying to Rupaul down. And they don't care whether he's fracking or not. They're just looking for something to do. And at the same time. Fracking is a terrible thing to do and should be discontinued but like you said like Hillary Clinton would not like people like Dole happy vote for appraiser and everything like that and you know okay well. She's a politician. So fracking's okay or Obama. Yeah Tiger King is a very popular show on television. And everybody's like wrapped up in the characters and the phenomenon of these private zoos but initially tiger king was started because as a way to draw attention to the pain and suffering of these of tigers and the fact that there are an endangered species. And they're being kept in private zoos. And and at the end result of all this. Whether as we're talking about fracking or we're talking about the exploitation of Tigers for entertainment and for money we're not really alleviating the problem here we're just creating content. We're just masticated fighting amongst each other. Meanwhile these tiger suffer the environment suffers. Well I do not want. Tigers suffer unnecessarily in zoos because when they suffer they are so much less tasty. Did you see the scandals is bringing back there blank? They're losing the rainbow. The Candy Maker skittles is losing the Rainbow for for pride and donating a portion of the proceeds glad and I think that speaks volumes of like. What glad does this whole idea of marketing to? Lgbtq people at pride you mean. They're not going to make rainbow skittles thing a white skittles saying that. The they're they're pausing the rainbow or getting rid of the Rainbow for pride to remind people of the Valley of the Rainbow. That doesn't make any sense to me and it sounds like I should really go into advertising or marketing because I could come up with a hell of a lot. I think that it was really successful like a couple of years ago and so they're actually recycling this ad campaign in this product that they did to me. I'm like are you sure this is an old news. This sounds like old news. I think we've been here before. I think that the color of candies is the the least of gay people's problems. Drag Queens in Calgary in Canada are during shows in front of People's home higher heels? Y Y C is basically like a singing telegram. You can pay a group of drag Queens to show up at your home or a neighbor. You don't like home and they'll do a full show. They'll be lip synching to Cellini on. Because that's what Canadian drag Queens do. I'd like to hire them to do it. Twenty four hour concert outside Bianca's how Cherry Pie might be available having worked on the New York Club scene for decades. I've always known that Sherry was a pervert. Away is Sherry I thought you meant Sherry vying. Cherry Pie though. No I did not or Alison Mossy. You've got a phone call somebody who is trying to convince you to gain weight for musical called bulk and it looks like you succeeded died. I gain the weight without even getting taking the call. Haven't we all choose? I was talking to somebody the other day and because they were so impressed with Leslie Jordan. He's become like an instagram star. During this this quarantine that I mentioned to them that you actually knew him way back in Chattanooga when you were a young little queen yeah so I was a busboy to his waiter house so he was bossing you around not much yes Bernie. Will you go pick up those play on table five? What was that like? What what was the setup for that kind of like a preppy restaurant near the campus of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where my father taught and I was I mean Leslie is a joy and back then. He did the crazy thing but it worked he. His is always looked so gorgeous. And of course I mean this is forty years ago. I said what is begging your eyes pop out. So do you know those red ten soles that teachers mark paper with and or used to and you kind of unwrap them instead of sharpen them. Yeah yeah he would line the rim underneath his a with that and for some reason instead of making him look sick or jaundice it would really make the blue in his eye. Popout and just give it like this. I just couldn't take my eyes off designed so I was like. Oh that's a crafty cream. What do you think is why people are in Namur enraptured? With God's his his videos are just short little stories of him talking about his adventures in show business and in life. As you know squeaky queer man from Chattanooga Tennessee..

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