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Of sluggish flat broke. Salvati says the median rent for a two bedroom apartment in Austin has dropped to $1448, John Cooley. NewsRadio KALE, BJ, remaining Hurricane Laura Evacuees in Austin have been moved out of the convention center. There's now staying in hotels. That number is believed to be fewer than 100. Last week, there were over 3000 evacuees in Austin. 6 33 K LBJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Don Prior, looking Good out there right now, just seeing a bit of a buildup right now on North Bound 35 approaching stash, The two are approaching slaughter of to stash me That's the typical story this time of day, so really, no incidents out there to cause your problem. Just typical delays. Don Prior with Austin's on time traffic. A Heat advisory is in effect today. Partly sunny, breezy and hot behind today at 101 could be partly cloudy. Human and breezy this evening load tonight at 80 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams 81 degrees. Get Austin News on demand and NewsRadio. Kale BJ dot com 6 35 Times, Jeffries and Don Prior. And here on the top of Don show one morning, I got a question on the table and we'd love to get your reaction The president is talking about going to Kenosha, Wisconsin, one of the cities where they've had Tremendous violence in the wake of the shooting death of Jacob Blake are the shooting of Jacob like that Isthe and the governor of Wisconsin Democrat Tony.

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