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He ought to find out the university california berkeley lay goff two to three hundred people after that he employment that the fifteen dollars now you know that's a great point we've talked about that at that time yeah yeah you're right jordy out but like my question is what donald trump cut the liberals andy dmc off but they knees and he caught i'm executive all honor making be english language the official language of america i don't have an impact went down well i don't first of all i don't think it goes anywhere first well what does it mean because you're still going to even on the government level you're going to you know to have things available another languages and what i did it well because the because you're going to need to communicate with because they taxes wants to collect guess heck saves you were not a peep when you want that flow even for mason to be consistent i just don't it it it might make a political state best not but that's not going get a shot to happen and deep a lot beyond a political state bed in your affect of league it's still not going to change much well one more question if you know much right so i get i read i caught become well we were in that same question up until today years and you're you're looking at it on to spend yeah it looks pretty had yeah it looks very impressed will let you know these of the first read i coffee cups we have ever seen actually and we're going to tell you what they all are this is from a sticker and they put them on normal coffee cups promotions right i'm here to yes yes they look at their i of their well it's it's a prototype for some the not this is one thing that we looked dead thank you very much because look we're capitalist and one thing we've talked about his affected be should've merchandising yeah and therefore eric and i can get a cutter the merchandising so when we're talking about this on the air and management is cringe in because are like all these guys won a cutter this now well that was simply say look our loyal listener brought it up exactly we're so not only that sign that sign that yeah well well that is going to cost or that's a premium torn i don't know them i got the decrease the value yeah well good george.

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