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The pill out of the blister pack the patient must call this phone number it is free of charge but the call is registered in the system now the healthcare workers know which patients have opened their daily dose of medicine the phone numbers differ from day to day and from patient to patient to reduce the risk of cheating if a patient fails to call the number by noon the local healthcare workers received a text message so they can follow up and ask what's gone wrong but there's just one flaw who knows if patients actually take their pills after making the required phone call they might just flush them down the toilet assuming the patients do cooperate dr folks says another change to the drek regime should make it much easier to swallow humble conscious occasions receive all the hilts for an entire month it used to be nine separate pills per day but now all drugs are combined in one single pill that's a big advantage it helps avoid the emergence of resistance the government of india's optimistic pilot studies in china have already shown that this type of telemedicine did increase the number of people who successfully completed their fair apy so the new ninety nine dollars could help in the fight against tuber colossus in the country which currently has the greatest burden of disease cloudy at all reporting from calcutta this is health chat from the bbc world service on claudia hammond and sara lee the health editor of the guardian is my guest today now sarah i want to talk to you about attempts to stem the increase in abusively in many parts of the world by putting taxes on sugary drinks a world health organization plan is not going to happen after all so what's happened well this is a big report by a high level panel set up by the world health organization to look at ways of combating will they call chronic diseases which are cancers diabetes and heart disease strokes those sorts of things that are made much worse if not caused by obesity so this panel setup and it has come to conclusion that amongst the things that ought to be done is not necessarily putting a sugar.

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