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And that was his whole objective. Wind big in Iowa and New Hampshire and then basically use that to catapult him as the FrontRunner, but he hit a brick wall in South Carolina with minority voters. And that was his Achilles heel. So now you go ahead now to 2024 and president Trump. Heads up, he will be in trouble. So if you're around desantis and you say, okay, I'm going to go, I'm going to run. You basically want as soon as possible after your initial primaries to have a heads up race. You do not want a multi candidate primary, because that will only help the FrontRunner in the same way it did to Trump in 2016. But your question is, are all of those other folks who think they can be president and that they can beat president Trump when they can win in a Republican primary? Will they step aside? And the answer is going to be no because everybody thinks they can be president and they can topple someone into primary. And I think to complete that thought and to finish up today, I think my biggest thing is that what separates you from everybody, right? Donald Trump in 2016, what separated Donald Trump from everybody, loud New Yorker, tell us how it is, doesn't care about people's feelings. Superstar, again, TV real estate mogul, whatever you want to call it. He was different. There's just no doubt about that. Again, I think desantis is different. He is the number one governor in the country, right? Well known for many things. Good things that we think are good, bad things that maybe the left things are bad. But he's well known on both sides of the aisle. Everybody knows that guy. That's what I think separates him as, again, mister governor. I don't know what anybody else has that truly separates them to say, wow, that guy could make a splash or that girl could make a splash. I just don't know what it is. And if you look at the Republican presidential primary in 2024, Donald Trump already has a dedicated base. Whether there's one opponent or 50. He's going to get a certain percentage of the vote no matter what. And the problem for the challengers is going to be okay. How do I separate myself from this entire pack? And then be the only person running against Donald Trump, because a lot of those undecided voters, I'm telling you, they will split amongst the ten or so other Republicans and just like in 2016, Donald Trump could win these primaries and pick up delegates with 25, 30% of the vote. That's how it's going to play out in 2024. I'm telling you, history is going to repeat itself. If you want to find a crystal ball, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, folks. Just look at the 2016 Republican primary campaign season and it's going to repeat itself in 2024. Last question, 30 seconds, who's the democratic nominee as well? Joe Biden, Joe Biden. A 100%. Other people are going to run, but it's going to be Joe Biden as the democratic nominee. And he and president Trump will just sit back, let all the for lack of a better phrase lower tier candidates, rip each other apart, and those two guys, I believe, will be a match up in 2024. A rematch all right, folks,

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