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A present for me and I'm taking this with me and they're like Oh gosh. Here's something no jolly rally. In this holly in Tacoma Washington every year. We do a gift exchange on Christmas. But it's the same boring draw. The numbers pick a gift deal deal every year. Any suggestions on how to mix up a holiday gift exchange so people don't just fall straight to sleep when it's announced. Well he coulda but Toss your keys in with your president to Saturday that I ever probably spice things up. Here's either everybody brings to gaffes. One gift is worth a lot of money and one gift is worth very little money and then you build a big bonfire in the middle of the room and everyone has to pick one of the gifts. Yes and the other one Aranda gets thrown into the bonfire. Only diversity brought the president's nose. Oh that's good. What about something with an element of danger? Ooh Ooh what about a deadly creature for example. Like that what about just a fight to the death where say you have thirty people and you only have twenty nine gifts. That could be refund. You could go with a classic that are not used to try to employ lladro tickets. Because you don't know how good of a gift it is or how bad it's just a scratch it's your luck of the draw shredding your gift just and it sounded like you were trying to start a chant at a sporting event tickets. I like justice idea. I think just load these. Things up. Chockablock asks and I know a guy is it Mark Antony we can get you five asks by the afternoon you gotTa Guy You gotta ask Guy Guy Come on. He prefers. He's more of an ask a man. Okay here's something from sad. We've in San Diego every year. My parents it's ask my siblings and I make Christmas lists my problem is. I'm a very big anime fan and all I all I really want for. Christmas is anime merchandise. However one year put an anime figurine on my list? My mom just glanced at it and said you don't need that and then didn't buy it mom ever since then. I keep putting figurines on my list in hopes of them getting it for me but to no avail. Help me brothers. How do you convince my parents? That a tasteful figurine of Victor Nikiforoff from my favorite anime. Yori on ice is more important than socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. The title of that show is stylized with an exclamation point in there. And Jesse I have to thank you for the really voicing that I'm a professional griffin. I think that what you do in your hand over the list. It's only got one thing on it. And that's the figuring Victor Nikiforoff and then when they're like no you just stand your ground and you don't take the lissack if they try to get you anything else. You build a bonfire looking. That's a terrible idea. Travis I don't know how he's supposed to play pretend with just one of the figures He can't make a reenacting. The great fights or ice skating dances. Or here's the thing. My email address just an asthma. Bam Bam dot com email makes and I will buy you whatever and we figure you want on your family anymore. Rely on me just Jessop your family. Now I'm here now and I'm going to buy you an anime figure this year. Congratulations Justin Justin. Emma Bam Bam dot com. Email me I will buy and this goes for anybody who sit in this question this figure of your. Hey what what happened. Justin always broke now. Yeah brought bought. Ten thousand year is not just as one person if someone else says exact same problem and sit in this exact same in question letter for letter. I will also by the enemy figuring. I don't WanNa leave anybody out Justin. I had the same problem but it was with the original Yuri before they put it on ice doc area on the rocks. I tell you I think you can do a limited less but put your Yuri on ice figure on it and then the only other thing on the list is a big bag of drugs they can just say two pounds of any drug of your choice mother and then it's up to them about the path you're gonNA walk. Get Get to think one enemy figuring the second is GRANDPA poison well Justin Griffin Travis. I sure appreciate you taking the time to answer. All these questions on the Bulls Eye holiday special. Have you guys got big holiday plans this year for my brother my brother in me. This is actually a this is kind of capstone for me. I mean I think that maybe just had an eye in griffin and I might see each other this year extent exchange presence percents Think a few of our closest friends are GonNa come to our candle night show in Huntington But I think that's about it. I think that's about all we have plans we're GONNA. We're doing our annual charity fundraiser. MME ANGELS DOT COM IF YOU WANNA help buy gifts and items for people in our area less fortunate folks in our area Who would appreciate that too so you can find that? NBA NBA am angels Dot Com. That's right well thanks guys. I thank you the piano music. You're hearing right now is by our friend. Brett Wind Balk Doc. By the way he is a professional stand up comedian. One of the funniest. There is a genuine brilliant genius of standup comedy. He also for many years was a professional piano player. In fact I think he was one of those piano player. Who plays the giant Grand Piano in the Nordstrom the department store anyway? He has a collection of Christmas songs that he recorded on his piano at home. It's called Christmas piano and it's available to listen to pretty much anywhere you go streaming wise. So here's comedian. Brent winebox tickling the ivories distinctly not funny.

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