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Us about it in person this afternoon with the drive to leave after use newsradio one thousand Katie okay it is it's remarkable what is happening I don't think I'd be the first but perhaps perhaps we are this is the beginning of the third grade awakening it is finally here the seeds have been planted for a long time and people have been waiting for the third Great Awakening and I think Kanye west is of the signal I think that is you know you know how in Ghostbusters they had the gate keeper and the key master might not sure if he's the gate keeper the key master but Connie a is one of the two and you know then goals or will come in to be a great signal in the sky and I think that's his Sunday services I think that's what's happening and it's happened before yeah remember in time magazine in nineteen sixty six ran the cover he is god dead and they had all kinds of evidence that god was dead but in nineteen seventy one in fact it was when was it June twenty first nineteen seventy one they ran the cover the Jesus revolution now listen to this well that's a big change huge chain in five years well listen to this Jesus this is time magazine Jesus is alive and well and living in the radical spiritual fervor of a growing number of young Americans who have proclaimed in extraordinary religious revolution in his name their message the Bible is true miracles happen not really did love the world he gave his only begotten son in nineteen sixty six Beatle John Lennon casually remarked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus but now the Beatles are shattered George Harrison is singing my sweet lord and the new young followers of Jesus listen to Harrison but they turned on only to the words of their master for where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them this is time magazine five years after they said god is dead wow and that's kind of sparked by obviously is a mention George Harrison my sweet lord which was the first number one song of any solo beetle then there was songs like spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum put your hand in hand never that by OSHA Doobie brothers did Jesus is just alright with me around that time seventy one seventy two wish Jesus Christ Superstar for Marie head which was a huge play on Broadway for a long time and that that also spawned Helen Reddy's I don't know how to love him oh my gosh I never saw that yeah day by day by god spell I mean there was there was a there was a bunch of really big hits that we're all about Jesus and it was all in a two year period yeah and that turned us out from the darkness of all the assassinations and everything else and it that the last did stop right well until Reagan in eighty when the curriculum again but but I mean we had one after another in the sixty yeah yeah and it was real evil yeah in the nineteen sixties not to say that the you know all evil went away didn't but America you know started cleaning out its own house and and started looking at okay what are we really and no we won't put up with Richard Nixon you know we'll we'll clean up all of the garbage because we're better than this and then that kind of floundered we we hired a preacher remember that that's that's Jimmy Carter we hired a preacher a pastor to be our president the Democrats did that didn't work out really well but then you got Ronald Reagan and the moral majority listen to this Jim coffee houses have opened in many cities signaling their faith even in their names the way word in Greenwich Village the cat a Cola in Seattle I am in Spokane a strip joint has been converted to a Christian night club in San Antonio communal Christian houses are multiplying like loaves and fishes for youngsters hungry for homes many reaching out to the troubled with a round the clock telephone hotlines bibles now abound whether the cherished for colored covered King James version or the scruffy back pocketed paperbacks they are invariably well thumbed and often memorized it's like a glacier says Jesus rock singer Larry Norman it's growing and there's no stopping it I think we're at the beginning of this again no this whole thing has followed except for assassinations this whole thing has followed the nineteen sixties patterns socialism raised its ugly head just like it did in the sixties violence the violence of the islands on this road tests yep the the really have the ugliness of the the Paris communes in the in the Paris riots in the ugliness all around the globe of communism the glorification of communism I mean it's still happening we're not at the end yet but I do think that there is there's there's something happening there's something happening I hope so eight I hope so you know I've I've talked to so many people and it used to be just the zealots that would say well you know only god will be able to save us and we will be like no I mean no I mean we can turn this around it I'm hearing this for everybody may god is going to god to save us from this one because we're just pure light headed out yeah they all I absolutely believe it absolutely believe it well that are better when he's gone he's gone now and I don't know what to do good thing we have the lan mark we play the audio of the line Mar she wants us to fight against western imperialism here she is lets her in a burning rally wow what EDC of the of the crowd she western imperialism that's you know that's right you so like com take this away yeah I don't.

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