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It is five o'clock. Here's our top story, the family, alleging brutality, against Phoenix PD calls, the apologies from the police chief and the mayor a sham we start our team coverage this afternoon with KTAR's alley vetnar reacting to this weekend statements from Phoenix. Police chief Jerry Williams and Phoenix. Mayor Kate geigo driven aims in his fiancee, Aisha Harper believed the apologies are not good enough. Officers are still working age is basically a slap in face is like putting some limits on open is just hurting us. Even more that they're still working attorney for the family, Tom horn, because of this physical brutality in the case where the individuals were one hundred percent compliant all of the time with no excuse for. It is the reason we've made a ten million dollar notice of claim Ali vetnar, KTAR news and I'm KTAR's Leon Phoenix. Police chief Jerry Williams joined Arizona's morning news today. She says she's receiving threats and calls for her resignation following the release. of the video williams says she was born and raised in the phoenix police department and if someone can fix it she is the person to do it i am the one who when we found out about this incident put put the employee's behind the desk i am not afraid of a challenge i am up for this challenge to rebuild trust in our community and arizona governor doug ducey is also speaking out he says this is disturbing and unacceptable he says he knows there's more to the story and he's withholding judgement on the officers actions until an investigation has done a community meeting about the incident will be held tomorrow night at six at pilgrim rest baptist church and phoenix live in the news center nylon k._t._a._r. news well it's five oh two now so let's get a look at traffic.

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