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Who have and. i don't see why they shouldn't have five parents legally right. I don't see why why shoes two of those parents and make them into sanction couple Okay well there is the the little truthfulness coming from the more militant wing of Of of the group of lgbtq people who were who were gathered there. And i'm sure she was not supposed to say that. I'm sure others were like that's for your insight voice. Only and now this gay choir they. They've come so far though. What are they have to lose seriously. I mean they control society now. Why not sing about converting our children. Isn't there guy down the hall that that does a show. And he's saying how the left will take their masks off. You bet man exact. He's exactly right on that. And they've been taken their their masks off The marxist socialists The people with agendas like this in the lgbt humidity They are taking off the mask. So take them at their word. It really is what they're trying to do and they can do it cutting tongue in cheek and well we all we met whereas we're gonna make calorie to laverick. That's our yeah not buying a fun time right. It is a very fun. Yeah it is triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter Speaking of fun times the teletubbies are what. Yeah the. i haven't mentioned the word teletubby for probably twenty years Apparently it's about time that teletubbies get vaccinated. Oh yeah they get vacs. you mean. they're still around the teletubbies. I guess. I guess they're still on tv They haven't had a new episode since two thousand one's regurgitating. Wow but they're still fairly popular and now they're coming to you with their teletubby. Vaccination card is a cove in nineteen vaccination. Tubby card is not adorable. Lithium indoctrination train. Keep rolling up there. It is beautiful. Wait a minute is that tinky winky is. That was he. Also in that video. Just no. that's okay. No it's different different. That would have been funny would have been good slow because there was a big deal back then my whole thing there. Yeah so A lot of people are crying. Foul all look at this. Oh we're going through him here. We had tinky winky. Now we got is that dipsy. That's cute who else got their little vacs card. La la and what's the last one's name What are we got there. Early impo- yes. Oh la la rob notice. The la la got a double dose of the johnson and johnson which All which you're not supposed to wait. What a dumb teletubby you are. Wow a lot of people. Now here's what was upsetting Gen z. y. niner. I've no idea some some group of people online we're seeing. These guys are imposters. Because they're vacs cards say They were born in two thousand three and they were really Born in nineteen ninety-seven right long before they they weren't upset. The fact that we're we're pushing vaccination through children's characters trying to propagandize or kids. No no these guys are imposters. The teletubbies came around in nineteen ninety. Seven two thousand and three anyhow good times. Here's something else to be afraid of Fears arise that lambda cove in nineteen burien right from peru. Maybe resisted vaccines so the alpha variant Wasn't scary enough beta delta. They been pushing down the delta. They were they high hopes in the delta variant and now i guess we're not sufficiently frightened so now they're bringing out the lambda very for peru. Yes so if you weren't scared enough about delta here comes lambda and after that i don't know feda. Maybe what's coming after that. I just but it's but all of this. Fear and concern is definitely genuine. Yes pat oh yeah. It's dead on have to fake this stuff no cut and paste their fear and wait when he when he talking about cut and paste apparently on twitter. There's been some kind of story that has been cut and pasted a million million times this from. Cdm doesn't matter who this is from because this is everywhere. Everyone's got the same story verbatim on twitter from cdrom. It's from state averse. It's from andrew parker from danny. It's from jed. It's from every budget. Jed to and it says this is disgusting. Makes me makes and mel. I'm sorry this is disgusting. Masks in social distancing should be placed till minimum. Christmas time at the earliest. Yeah that's what minimum means. The government are clueless. the delta variant should be taken seriously. We should go into a national lockdown to prevent it spreading and then that's been reluctant all these people just a few examples. They're interesting isn't that interesting. So somebody put this in a botton. Just send it out. I don't know. I mean these might be genuine accounts. Who knows but that's not the only message that they're sending out twitter message. This went from change you. Oh jude pick this one up okay. Scott dykes oh scott dykes yes yes. Okay doctor of minero and alex to name but a few you say pu doctor poo comma doctor of minero. Okay anyway this jude's copy and paste. Okay i'm quoting here. My brother has just tested positive for kovic the delta varian. He's been doubled jabbed. How on earth can johnson go ahead with relaxing the rules on the nineteenth of july. It's madness boris johnson. Yeah talking about. Boris johnson says that yeah until i nineteenth. We're going to relax the rules but Now going to go ahead with that right when his brother's been double jammed and he still positive but you're probably spot on. It's probably a bought from another country. Yes it wants to cripple the economy of written in this case or whatever western country that you're back on lockdowns in panic mode like this too because it's also been copied and pasted to facebook also not just twitter. It's also spread to facebook. My is just tested positive for govan. The delta variant. He's been double jazz on earth. Can johnson go ahead rules on the nineteenth madness. Boris exactly the same a lot of brothers with the delta variant them right now with exactly the same story were word for word and when you get tested out if you test positive does it say delta variant or does he just say covert positive. Gadget says kobe posit. So then how do they even know that. I don't know i don't know. Let me take a minute though and tell you about something good you can have this goodness in your life ray con. Here's another thing. That has come along. That i can't imagine life without it now now that we have it. I can't imagine ever une having it again these ray con Earphones are fantastic. I i just love him. You gotta get yourself. A pair of rake on wireless ear buds. Because they make all the difference. You get really crisp. Powerful beats at half the price of other premium bed brands. It's like half the price of the apple and they're more comfortable and they sound just as good if not better and they don't fall out of your ears and there dangling down from your ears. Either nice they look great they feel even better and they come in a range of really cool colors..

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