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Brought you by straight talk wireless. There's so much from the last segment though that I wanNA explore again the idea that you're discovering someone who's on sportscenter put it on the pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow is the only ways to God's can discover someone is if they're on sportscenter before we get back to L. Dunkin again. Her and Clinton Yates are hosting the intersection where sports and social justice meet tonight at. Espn radio at eight PM. Also put on the poll Guillermo at Lebatardshow. Are you familiar with the detailed dangers? Of what the can do roof fish can do to you because here it is from Animal Planet. This is what the candu roof fish in the Amazon can do to. You expandable spines. You WanNa hear about that That region again. This is not why L. is here but we're just trying to clean up some things. L. is doing good work all over. Espn what are you trying to do tonight? Because a lot of people are talking about this in a lot of different places. It's only been surprisingly one month since George Floyd was murdered. What are you trying to achieve tonight? Yeah that's actually exactly what you brought up Dan. It's hard to believe it's only been a month so we're GONNA SORTA tonight. Revisit has happened in the last month the progress and change that that we've seen that have many people hopeful but also I hope that we can also expand the conversation some of the things that black people continue to ask for and have been asking for that have not been addressed great gestures that were sort of seeing statues coming down You know promises of this rations and their statement. You know a lot of people doing a lot of listening right now. A lot of fact finding missions but all why people are really active June canes becoming holiday for media for many organizations companies and even in some states it's being floated but all black people are really asking for a are changes to criminal justice system more equitable healthcare more equitable education for people of Color for disenfranchised communities and we have almost no progress there so you know we're GonNa talk about that We're hoping to talk to because you know how radio goes. We've got a lot of feelers out right now. We'll see who commit But we're hoping to talk to The only black female pit crew member and that's car not about bubble wallace but just about how inclusive NASCAR is attempting to be a behind the scenes and have been for some time despite the fact that it was just a couple of weeks ago that they ban the confederate flag. So that's sort of where we're at revisiting where we've combination and where we have to go when you say criminal justice system and criminal justice reform You're going to sink your teeth into something like that. Yeah I mean you know. We're going to talk about. I think some of the Clinton Yates is really great at. He wants to do something where we essentially offer The folks that are listening black and white An opportunity to sort of do some some curriculum and continuing education and sort of figure out what it means when people say things like deform the police who got into that a little bit yesterday on our undefeated special on ESPN but talking about you know what the Thirteenth Amendment did and what. It still means What happened when you privatize Jails what that looks like. And how essentially it's become sort of the modern day slavery and what we're looking for in terms of you know immunity for police officers the ability to sue them So I mean you know. We're we're attempting to have these conversations. That are yes uncomfortable but also at the same time. We're trying to do a little deeper dive on. What some of these things and I think right now. A lot of people are hearing a lot of terms that they don't fully understand systemic racism. Implicit bias Defunding the police. And so we're just trying to make it a little easier to sort of understand and marinate end so we'll be getting into a lot of those topics tonight. I anticipate you mentioned listening. And there seems to be a little more or a lot more. Maybe appetite for listening at the moment. Have you found a lot of pushback on People being tired already just a month in on this The way that this is sort overwhelmed. Espn absolutely yeah. I think very and I I fully anticipated. I mean I think at first it was very there was a lot of interest in a lot of you. Know getting a lot of tweets and text messages and whatnot from the white friends and colleagues allies. Who were saying that they're reading. They're doing this. And they're doing some self examinating or self examinations and their interests -pecting and they're you know trying to sort of do some unloading of things that they didn't realize that they had learned growing up and whatnot and it all seemed like everyone collectively realized. We were sort of facing a reckoning and then very quickly it has turned into okay like this was fine. You know a couple of weeks after their but like now sports are coming back. So what are you guys talking about? Just post are undefeated special. Last night I got an email today. from a man from and he me with the double whammy from a Yahoo Mail account and an android phone. Who Basically told me that if I don't get back to doing real journalism I'll be back to fetching Chris Berman's coffee. I Dunno Chris Berman. Well but he doesn't seem like a coffee guy He's like a coke zero This is GonNa Take GonNa take it to Maui Guy Singer. Jimmy Buffett songs on an island very far away. Lakewood take coffee. We're on the mainland with is that is that is that a small. Is that a vocal minority. L Like you you talked recently and I don't know what the blowback was on this. You talked recently about why you left Boston and how you left employment behind in Boston because of the racism falling on your neck is this allowed minority is what how does it change. Not that this is scientific. But how has it changed in terms of number of people coming at you? That wet I think about Boston. It is really loud minority. You know there's always wanted to be a group of people that model who the Messenger is always going to be about..

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