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Another song highlight from blue. I like I like your choice of Little Green Jim because I think you know the the strength of Joni songwriting. Because you wouldn't have known it was about her daughter unless you had inside information it would have been about many many situations at the same time. Take drawings very specifically on the pain in her private life to create a song That has universal significance. And I think many of the songs on a blue have that regards to call a confessional album. I think completely misreads what it's about A great example of that is the Song River. You know it's amazing how. This song has become a Christmas standard holiday standard. You can hear it at starbucks plane. I'm not you know when you go in for a coffee starting about mid November You know it's just one of those things that's Kinda like wallpaper now for the holidays and it is an incredibly sad song. It's almost like a eulogy. Here's the Canadian girl singing about skating away on a river while she's in California a place that at the time. She does not really love and is kind of getting disgusted by the key. Line for me. I wish I had a river river so long I would teach my feet to fly. And the way her voice just sort of flies off on that last syllable is just so beautiful and heartbreaking And then lands on. I made my baby cry. This whole notion of I've just gone through this relationship that ended terribly. I miss my home of origin. I miss my childhood. You thinking about all these things coursing through the song and doing it. Beautifully with the framing device of jingle bells. I think people have a holiday song but it's played so sadly and mournfully and she starts off. Saint Kinda plaintive tone to those cords and then at the end..

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