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He's basically the strongest of the bunch. Have the cast list. Put up here Just josh duhamel plays sheldon aka the utopian who was the fog tencent purposes the the primary protagonist to experience most of the story through And his brother who was walter. Aka brainwave is played by ben daniels. I think they're both antacid again. Is we have great. Chemistry and Really is their chemistry economy. That i find the most intriguing so far same here. I really dig their relationship. It's a very charles. And eric type thing a little bit of list aggressive far less aggressive for now. But we'll see one of the things that i did. Look up in the meantime here just just like a bit. I looked up jupiter in who that was mythology he gets more stupider. Fuck out okay. Drink your kombucha. You lost you lost. You just opened that one. It's my now. I want to got on. So jupiter was king of the gods seen as very supreme being the god of sky and thunder and like really cool shit. So like zeus but for romans. Zeus was greek. The more you know but Jupiter is also seemed to be important because he was the one who taught continued principles to one of the roman emperors namely that of offerings and sacrifice. So i don't know that might come into play. I like the symbolism of it also. We'll see if that touches the story or not because s seems like a very golden age hero thing like you know great power great responsibility. We're going to offer ourselves and sacrifice to blah blah blah blah blah. You get the point. It's real on the nose These golden age heroes. Of course as time goes on tomorrow day they have children and these children are born gifted the born with superpowers and essentially we know without getting too much into indisputably territories The children are the new. The new wave of heroes. Their ideals began to shift very similar to how ideals and martin comics kind of shift. Hell even in superhero cinema. See those ideals shift. I mean we don't talk about it. But how many people have even captain america the most holy of superheroes as he killed. We don't talk about the motherfucker. Had a gun in the benches one. Yeah nestled concussions.

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