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Welcome to ghostly. Do you believe in sances ghostly is a podcast that comes out every other week most of the time cuz right now we are weekly until after Halloween in each episode. We take a ghost story or paranormal event and look into its complete history Rebecca, then gives us evidence proving that the story is realish dead in my job is to debate those pieces of evidence and get you the listener prepared to vote on if it's real or not. If you haven't yet, please hit that subscribe button and as always with your host, I'm Pat and I'm Rebecca. So what's been going on Rebecca? Wow, we have been getting ready for an exciting month of Halloween fun. Yes now us doing this weekly, you know, it is like the best of times and the worst of times right? It's like it's like man, I love doing episodes for you guys, but man dead We are doing a lot of research. We are we are but we have some we've we've got some fun stuff going on this month, but you're going to tell us a lot more about the episode van later. But I do want to remind everybody about the book club, which is going to happen later this month on October 29th. So Thursday before Halloween will get dressed up. We're going to talk about a scary book, which I'm going to suggest is actually pairing well with our topics for this month. Yeah and people of you know suggestions on what to dress up as oh, yes. That's true. If you are a ghostly Society you too can add your suggestions of what how I should dress up this year. I'm thinking we should do Ren and Stimpy We can talk about it. You don't like that idea. Okay, so do we have any listener mail before we we do have listener may all right. Let's hear it. All right so off our list or mail is from Jennifer. She says I'm a new listener and have listened to all your podcasts that I could find on iHeartRadio shout-outs iHeartRadio iHeart..

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