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Refused to take down the facebook video thus violating the sanctity city of their Harvard nece and the board of trustees demanded she take it down when she refused. They expelled her and she is now suing the Harvard Club. Now The New York Post is is not say if Vanessa Levine went Harvard and I know that the L. Club who's extremely good water pressure showers once enjoyed as a young recent graduate New York. I've never felt water. Pressure like the water pressure in the showers by the squash court pressure. You felt that the the the water pressure Yell Club but based based on what I know about all of these clubs. They're not bursting at the seams with with members. They are like elite clubs everywhere. They've had to loosen the membership requirements. A little bit to get member. Pursuade Yell at the Oakland for example there now much less rigorous about when you have to wear a jacket to eat in the grill room and I believe they even combined with like Dartmouth Club in l.. Look not the don was called Chevrolet so these clubs were inviting other clubs with other other pedigrees. Shall we say to merge with them and use their spaces and so you now might encounter people at the club who do not themselves have yellow. Diplomas I I don't know if that's what's happened at Harvard smelling salts outrage so my question is did Vanessa with one s Levin even attend and Harvard and Radcliffe colleges or was she an interloper whose money they were taking but whom they were happy to be rid of not interested in the opinions communists. I have researched the actual rules for Harvard Club members show but rather get the angry mail from Harvard. Alumnus about this story is like hits a perfect sweet spot for me. It's like everything that I find stupid about America a about a particular subsection of life versatile really why are are you going to events with titles like the hundred year war. I'm like there's so much shit on Netflix Israeli grade book. I know they're nice people out there. Don't don't go to an advantage advantage to ask like an outrageous question number one number two really like the Harvard Club. I gotTa tell you though it. That's what the Harvard and Yale Clubs. Is there right near Grand Central Station and again the Yale Club. The water pressure showers Leo. It would flay the skin off your back. It would change everything would change. You've ruined every other shower. Ever only going to be a part of his Kish disclosed Vanessa. Levin should have been on the upper west side twenty years ago living the beautiful pre-nine Eleven sprightly love infused existence assistance of Ed Norton Ben Stiller Gentleman in the movie keeping the faith. Now you'll remember a few weeks ago you and Steffi night we agreed we were going to have a film called. We're going to watch this movie. which is one one of the great Jewish movies of all time It's the story of two friends. Rabbi and a priest Ben Stiller Edward Norton who reconnect with an old friend from childhood with. WHO's growing up into this? Great beauty played by Jan Elf men and love triangular hijinks ensue revisiting. This movie Lille Bentzion Shlomo Yoshua o'malley Liebowitz Liebowitz. What did you think it broke my heart? I was so profoundly sad. I arrived at the city shortly before the events depicted in in this year. Movie take place and I. I really couldn't help thinking how it captures a reality. That is completely alien to the way we live today. People call each other on the phone then they have meetings in person if something goes wrong and you want to talk about it in life. You don't tweet about it. You actually go to a friend's apartment and and you sit there and you have all these lovely late night. Confessions no-one intended the upper west side is robust. There are no stores that are shuttered because the Internet There's no kind of you know existential. Fear and dread that seeped into the city after nine eleven it is just a testament to to hope to humanity to connection to the possibility of faith to transform lives. It seems like a document from another century and in a sense it really is at the fact that one of the running gags is how they mocked Elf men because he carries a little cellphone around like that was the moment when cell phones. Were first becoming a thing and I remember getting my first one thinking you know and I I think I told myself it was a financial decision it was cheaper than having a landline. And I I was doing some traveling for my graduate school work and it was GonNa let me keep in touched on the road and even remember the last phone number. I ever learned because once you get cellphone records you know what's the point of it was John Pitt. partner at Williams and Connolly former roommate of mine. I don't know his phone number now. I guess I guess some years later I learned my wife's phone number and then my daughters and that's it and it really was a time where yes. The whole premise of the movie is they all live near each other on the upper west side and therefore can get together to fight out all of these Dramas that their lives are playing out and they have to do it. They have to cry at each other's shoulder and they have to. When when Edward Norton gets upset by the turn things are taking he goes to a bar even the fact that like? He's drunk in the bar crying to the bartender. Looks like such an anachronism such an actress. The person who made this movie. This really is one of the greatest films of the last thirty forty years. The person made this movie. I think thought he was making religious movie inasmuch as it was about these. You know this relationship between the Rabbi and the priest I think what actually we ended up taking from it vis-a-vis vis-a-vis religion twenty years. Later is the fact that for spirit to survive at all. You need precisely that you need to be able to sit at the bar and talk to. The bartender need to sit on the couch with your friend and cry for hours. You need all these things that life post Internet simply makes if not impossible the really really unlikely and really like I felt post human watching this meeting realizing how much was lost in the last years made me deeply depressed and I don't think I'm just being kind out of like you know. Middle aged man hotdogs cost a quarter. It really felt like a teaching. It's terrific movie and it was. It was a terrific movie Middle aged man right. I completely agree with you and but when I talked to my college students or when I talked to my kids about it they they don't disagree they they watch a movie like this and they know exactly exactly what I'm talking about and which is why in fact. I'm meeting increasing numbers of undergraduates. Who I work with? Who are off social media? I mean they have their phones but they're trying to reclaim claim something of that analog existence and finally say it takes religion seriously. It's not reverend but it's serious and I think that's really cool. I would love to get Stuart Blumberg. Who wrote this movie on the show? He's made a few movies since If Interest Stuart Blumberg Connection Lake Drop us a line. And meanwhile J. Crew. Your assignment is still bill. If you haven't yet go keeping the faith and then send us a note about it. There's been a lot of facebook chatter about it. We want your mail. UNORTHODOX A tablet MAG DOT COM or call. Nine one four five seven zero four eight six nine.

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