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Raiders. Kirk rose I'm never prepared for that end. Never never happy that. I don't have my headphones in case you like when you go to a game they just you get you a nice little group. They hey adult beverages and that's all they do the whole game. They only watch the game. They turn several years. They've had no real reason to watch the game. They literally the field is facing forward. They will turn around and just look at everybody in a crowd and just go eh but I I love him. I mean again sometimes. That's the best thing you can do in that stadium because your other option is watched the team because they want someone to tell them. Hey Hey what do looking for. I remember when I went to USC. That's back when the raiders. Were still playing Holocene. I was more scared of the Raider fans then. I was of the local bangers that used to often be around campus. Like generally left alone by them- Raider fans were looking to fight right. Anybody they were just looking maybe looked at sideways but they are still in. Yeah they're in the playoff mix. They need the Texans to beat the Titan wreck the Ravens to beat the steelers and the colts beat the Jaguars then they need to win their own game this week in four team parlay take it or shake it. It happens for the raiders and they're in the playoffs Kirk. Wow I gotTA shake.

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