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That they want to put their league and the rest of their guys on their back and make a stand and they're big enough and aaron rodgers type right to try to do so and i don't know if it's realistic for every player to have fully guaranteed every contract but the nfl of all leagues should be the one that has guaranteed contracts and i think they should fight for more than they fought for anything well and i don't disagree with it i think it is worth fighting for i mean alternately i think is much as we look at aaron rodgers i think right now it can be fought for in a bigger global way and i hate to say this because it would affect my beloved raiders but the fact is khalil mack is ms holding out right now and is a defensive player of the year candidate player aaron donald for the rams is a defensive kennedy defensive player of the year candidate those are two of the best defensive players in the nfl they could hold out and say you know what i'm only gonna sign for something fully guaranteed three year guarantee they could do what kirk cousins did and all of a sudden the conversation wouldn't just be about quarterbacks it would be about the nfl as a whole and how it affects everybody they could make it less about the position you play and more about your greatness if you agree that that's the goal but what i'm saying is in order for the nfl or anyone to care and not just say who will great sit out we don't care it needs to be a player that has the kind of power that aaron rogers says maybe i think that aaron donald i think donald and mac have that power defensively i mean i think that they are great enough players that if they actually sat out and said guaranteed contractor or i don't sign both of those teams would be hamstrung they the rams and raiders respectively would have to do it i i just think that unfortunately it's not a piece that that everybody in the league across the board is passionate about and even again i'll go back to the conversation with damian damian believes that the the league in the players in the league are actually substantially more passionate about lifetime healthcare that is the piece right that they actually care about and to point that out to everybody a lot of people don't realize this but you have to play in the league for certain amount of time and then you get healthcare for five years i think when you make a two year three year the commission rights then you get you get right exactly roger goodell forever your blood pressure is very high from being challenged much and the rest of them you play three years then you get vested into five years of healthcare after that you don't get health care and it's hard to find a company that will even right you so to gig hosting condition i'm sure i'm sure of a thousand percent so then.

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