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The hanford site the first three nuclear reactors on earth were built at hanford with a total of nine nuclear power plants being built their eventually nuclear power plants operated for ten years for ten years in this world they operated before they were ever used to generate electricity electricity is a secondary purpose for nuclear power plants they were design and build as plutonium manufacturing plants hanford was the first of these plutonium production sites but to worse radiological disasters besides nuclear weapons nations in the first for decades vietnam engage were accents at the plutonium production sites of the united kingdom and soviet union both in nineteen fifty seven military plutonium production sites remain among the most contaminated sites on earth during the period of operation more than sixty seven metric tons of plutonium were manufactured at hanford hanford is home to sixty percent by volume of all of the high level radioactive waste stored in the united states nearly eighty percent of the department of energy inventory of spent nuclear fuel rods our store just four hundred yards away from the columbia river that's a couple of hundred miles away from ron broadcasting right now in december nineteen forty nine the united states deliberately released an immense amount of radiation into populated areas of the hanford site during the notorious green run it was the largest intentional release of radiation ever conducted by the us government while nuclear testing in nevada exposed many people a significant amounts of radiation this was a by product of the desire to test weapons in the green run the intention was specifically to release the radiation into the hanford area just to see how people react to it the green run was conducted in reaction to the test of the first soviet nuclear weapon in kazakhstan several months earlier the first indications of the soviets had successfully tested a nuclear weapon came when censors at hanford picked up the radiation several days later and so someone said.

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