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And you'll be treated to some of the best most beautiful water full of some of the biggest trout you've ever seen in your life but there are dates available not many this time of year but there are dates available on which you could go down there and realistically have a shot at a twenty eight twenty nine thirty thirty one a strap oh and by the way no shortage of red bishop peter had sally ann arbor black the owners of baffin bay rod and gun club on the phone actually that came to the studio this past saturday came in the studio we were talking about this lip giant redfish as well redfish two fifty i had no idea they were british that big downer so great fishing great accommodations great duck cutting seasonally and that nearly new laws they've got all the kinks worked out narratives running fullspeed used coupon code dug when you book your trip when you arrive you do that just plug in doug they they made it up not me plugging duggan when you get down there but in the group gets cap free capfree baffin bay rod and gun club cab which is pretty doggone impressive thing show your friends when you're hanging out back here in town maybe on a golf course or something bevan baron gun dot com that's website check them out there baffin bay rod and gun dot com be back said a sixty instead astro now and get to know yours the troll is he is astra's outfielder george spurred nerve you guys get that lead what's going to your minds in the clubhouse on the field go on a were you counting the okay nine morale's i mean yeah um he gets about the fifth or sixth inning and you do startig hound outs you know i remember stand in just kind of standing there hastened the back and forth and and because a team like that they can score at any time and that you know and they can score in bunches and it's never comfortable and to have gained to go the way it went game 5 go the way it went you you you know that they can score runs and i member we got to the seventh inning and i don't i don't really remember what happened after that i just remember like going alright.

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