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Kramer's millionaire maker is and welcome back in this is this segment that I love the most because we have a steam distinguished economist Stephen Moore adviser to the White House and helping to get this country back on its feet and commerce moving again welcome Steve Ellery great to be with you got what a week what a week I am so glad your with us because there was some actually some bullish news that came out this week that I wanted to bring up which is the fact that there was no announcement that China which is only that fourteen percent of their agreement in terms of buying agricultural equipment for twenty twenty is going to absolutely accelerate purchases everything from soybeans are too weak to and that really got the market going is this that this is a really important sign in terms of the relationship between China and U. S. that they did this well it is good news as long as China keeps its word and the problem is with the with the China at the Beijing government you have to trust but verify is recused themselves hi I will believe it when I see it they've been behind in their phase one part of their trade deal in terms of the promise that they made about buying some of our cultural products and manufactured products such up for now the fact that they're signing on the dotted line and agreeing to do that it was a positive thing and you know we we are starting to see just get all the luggage of information this week that the economy in many sectors are starting to pick up the shop retail we saw that I was looking at some of the information about packages being delivered which is a good sign of commerce flowing in the United States those numbers are positive self they're the real since those strong signs that this recovery is really you know go get some steam all that said week after week this is gonna be a slow process Hillary it's not gonna happen overnight but we're off to a good start well that's so important and we all need that which leads to my next question okay so unemployment still remains very high okay now how much is the fact that we have these states that have seen an increase in some of the middle time increasing the number of covert nineteen positive patients how much could that affect us and bring us back or I have to say I keep hearing these are young people that are being infected and it's not going to bring down and put pressure on our health system does it concern you okay it's a great question first Robert I used just before I came out I was examining this state unemployment data and it's very interesting what we're finding is that it's not surprising actually that states like Georgia state's like cuts off Carolina states like Nebraska states like Idaho Arizona are seeing big declines in the unemployment rate meanwhile states like New York and Connecticut and Illinois and Washington state California and New Jersey are having very high unemployment rate so there are there's a big distinction between these blue states we had the red states hi insults are right out of the gate the red states are doing better but that's also where you're seeing more cases now will coronavirus and some people don't he led states like Florida and Georgia opened up too early you know it's just early to tell on that but I would I would just caution your listeners about something that's important I do not pay attention to cases okay I don't pay attention on the people tested positive what I pay attention to his hospitalization rates and death rates the belfry factually have continued to fall that's good news yeah what we're measuring only see more people call a bad virus is precisely what people said we should be doing is testing people so a lot of people the vast majority of people fast charging them to court of Irish but they don't get sick well that is really so important and I'm waiting to find out how many people have a you know end up having immunities because they've already had it didn't know they have a lie in that that's going to be that's going to be most important it's just about your permission we're getting it it's so contradictory and before we move on I mean I just have to say on Friday the president of the Boston fed Eric Rosengren I'll I'm sure you're very very familiar with he announced that well he cautioned that the U. S. economy isn't likely to have a fast recovery and more support will be needed from the federal reserve in Congress which reiterated comments right the chairman Powell made so what would you say you know what can you hang with us Steve we don't mind hanging with us there's so much to talk about we will be right back Hey this is Hilary Kramer millionaire makers say without Steve Moore has some important insights Dr in you can the the day that I die the the day that you so can you you've been as the will of the students goes so goes the will of the nation this is a central theme of the new movie returned to the hiding place the.

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