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Let's use lemon thank you so much for being appreciative pleasure i love talking to you guys that was great good interview so bring us to our a part of the episode we got a question on sarah's blog that if if people aren't reading that you should it's the shoebox dot com the shoe s h e you like sarah's initials box dot com and sarah has been blogging about her lack of sleep as genevieve is just monstrously cute but also eating like a fiend end up in the night in all that and of course sarah is seeing patients all day which requires a lot of energy as well and so one of her commenters asked how do you function during the day when you are up at night feeding a baby in the need to be on on during the hours you're at the office what are some tips you have for other sleep deprived new moms on how they can power through two it says lovely timing because we head a wonderful night last night where misdemeanor unfortunately has a little bit of croup and there was not a lot of sleep and i was finishing up a call week so i got a lovely finally got her down again at ten thirty and then the other calls me like eleven thirty and then she anyway so good timing for this question i think well first of all i don't focus on it too much i almost wonder if maybe this is totally nonscientific maybe there's a little bit of a hormonal ability to function unless sleep for new moms i mean it it sort of would make evolutionary sense and sometimes if i don't fixate on how poorly an how cut up my lack of sleep wasn't it before i find that the day actually goes okay so i guess my number one thought is maybe don't think about it too much also not sanctioning this in any medical sort of way but man does coffee help.

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