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This is the Larry O'Connor show. Yesterday, we had representative Tom McClintock, who is a good conservative Republican from California who draws the line on this objection to the Electoral college. He says. No, I don't think the Constitution allows for that. I've mentioned yesterday that I didn't necessarily agree. We had Congressman Jody Hice just now who also respectfully disagrees with his colleague coming up. We'll speak with representative Devin Nunes, ranking member in the House Intelligence Committee for Chairman of that committee. He just received the presidential Medal of Freedom Yesterday. We'll talk about that a little bit. I also want to ask him if he's comfortable with Eric Swalwell being on the Intel committee, considering everything we've learned about him and his entanglement with Chinese espionage, and we'll get right to it. What will Representative Nunes due tomorrow? Will he also challenge the results of the Electoral College in the House of Representatives? You've got a lot ahead. Keep it here. It's the Larry O'Connor Show on W W M A. L F M. Woodbridge, Washington now Than ever depend on 105.9 FM W M A L A Cumulus STATION news Now the male news in 3 30. I'm Maria Leaf political control of the Senate is on the line in the runoff election in Georgia. During a campaign event today, Senator Kelly Leffler, reiterating a message from President Trump encouraging people to exercise their voting rights. Look, the president said, We have to get out and vote. You have to exercise your right to vote. Now. We have to hold free, fair trusted elections, but you have to vote. We know that if we win It will be because we voted. If we lose, it will be because we did not turn out and vote. Georgians need to have their voice heard me well. A federal judges rejected the president's latest bid to overturn the election results in Georgia for the presidential race. U S District Judge Mark Cohen denied from the bench Emotions seeking a de certify the election. W M A L Sports brought to you by unbound dot org Washington Football team getting ready for Saturday night's game against Tampa Bay..

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