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Twenty five for a high today, not really anything traffic was to tell you about. However for some reason there's some front runner slow agendas. Southbound from Ogden to Salt Lake central fifteen to twenty minute delay northbound from woods cross to Ogden about a fifteen minute delay southbound from Salt Lake central to Provo fifteen to twenty minutes. So Bert runners part of your commute, you might wanna take that into account. I still don't have any thing like, car wise. That's that's causing a problem. Once you see something on share with everybody. You can text it to us three three nine eight six. All right Boehner candidate number three back-off Bebo. This is just kind of funny. I think the Sugar Bowl was last night right or yesterday. Yeah. Georgia and Texas. Yeah. Who won? It was hold. Please doesn't matter that talks this one fifty to five. Okay. Well, you know, they're the longhorns, right? Their mascot is kind of a jerk. So before the game that the Longhorn the steer the act it's alive to lie or it's not a guy in a suit. Oh, it's a it's a it's a Longhorn steer. They got out on the field with the mascot for the Georgia BULLDOGS catches alive bulldog. Oh, not a guy in a suit. It's a it's a dog. His name is Olga. Other the bulldog. We have the video I don't know if we have the video, but Bibo was not very nice to other the BULLDOGS. So there is a photo op. And you watch the steer go. Now, the bolt look at him. He goes he goes after he goes after other the bulldog away. I know who who thought this was no the Boehner here should be a good idea to get. A photo BULLDOGS are gonna have a photo op and other was up for it. But vivo is just being a jerk who back off beaver thought bringing a long horned. Out onto a football field. Listen to those people is a good idea. Listen, be should be. Hey back off beaver beaver does the Boehner candidate. Back off number three. Let's review the first two and vote Bora candidate number one as I've always said conspiracy theories on hot tubs are a recipe for disaster. Samana arrested in north Salt Lake after biting off a chunk of a man's year. During an argument about conspiracy theories while the two were in a hot tub together. Okay. Boehner candidate number two. It's perfect reason to shoot the place up Taco Bell patron opens fire the drive through window because he didn't have any hot sauce packets in his order and Boehner candidate number three back-off beaver. Oh,.

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