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Ordering. Let's go cross Very let's go over here and see Jerry it Captain Kelly's deep Sea headquarters. See what's happening. He sent me a picture earlier in the week. Good morning, Jerry. Damn. You have a bunch of big red snapper in that picture? Yep. And Red fish. Oh, yeah. I'm gonna tell you that. The five hour trip right now is for the money. Is putting a hurt on him. That was a five hour trip. Yeah. Damn with snapper Big red fish yesterday they hadn't Seven or eight. Nice black dum dum. What we call gulf trout or silver sea trout. They They look like a Sand trout There. There there, little different species and they had quite a bit bigger in the gulf. Firmer from her meet. You know how sand traps gets Gotta motion. You know, they got firmer me, but they had a nice catch yesterday. Um And, uh, The first five hour I sent cuts, a few snapper and so many Gaff top and since then have hardly seen a Gaff top. It's red snapper. Um, red fish, Big Red said. You know, Black drum. Um And engulf trout. Mostly, it's it Z. I am going on that trip next week. By the way now everybody can keep One. Big red fish, right? Right. One oversized wrists. Right? Everybody, you know, in a in a calendar year in a calendar year, ah, the mark the calendar year, but talk some wildlife. Physical year. Whatever the heck you call it. I'm not smart enough to know that kind of stuff. I'm not a bookkeeper, but from September 1st two, August 31st. You can technically keep two oversized red snapper. You got a tag on a free tag on your Original license, and then you could buy another tag for $3. That's red fish, right are red snapper. That's red drum. Red drum, right? Okay? Yeah. Now, now, don't try to buy the extra tags from me before you've used the other one. Don't be thinking ahead because that's not legal. I was doing that. I know walmart doing that. Well, Mark, stop that. But, uh, that's just because they don't understand. And they don't know, but, uh but, yeah, you gotta tag a red fish. It's more than 28 inches slot limit on red fish, Just like on on most, uh Most likes for black bass in the state of Texas Flock. The slaughters 22 28 on the on red fish have to be 20 inches long. Can't be more than 28. Except for that one fish. And that one day and your limit of red fish per day is three. Now that one day that you catch that oversized red fish, you can actually have four red fish that day. Really? But three of them have to be in the slot, right? Yeah. Wow. Okay. So y'all Yeah. Read you catch that oversized red fish is your last red fish of the day. They're gonna say you already had three. What were you doing? Um uh Mission for something else. You're gonna have laughed a lie, boy. Yeah, that's exactly when you got your limit. I mean, I guess you could say you were doing catching released. But I'd have to look he right deep in your eyes and see if you were lying. Yeah..

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