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Implement Craig Della. More news Radio, 105.9 FM BBM news time for Traffic and weather together on the eighth sponsored by black diamond plumbing and mechanical. Here's clear traffic. A bit of a struggle will start on 80 eastbound where you still jammed. Larkin. The US 30 had an earlier crash. Now you're pretty heavy again in both directions between the Grange and 57. If you're making your way into Indiana, by way of east bound, 80 90 for that sort of a nonstop delay off the bishop foretell the way to Broadway. Eat this Not awful up on 21 inbound is 22. Kennedy out 12 to Montrose eight Express. That's 32 out to O'Hare and I'm 42 0 heritage, the chamber and 32 off the Edens immunized now are crashing on the right shoulder at ST Charles, 45 from three nineties, just 24 in from Mannheim, about 32 back to Mannheim. It's 46 minutes back out to 3 90 Stevenson. That'll take you some time. Here 35 to the Tri State 45 to 3 55 Inbound is 39. Veterans to the drive 25 from 2 94 Ryan this afternoon. A point of contention coming in, you are stop and go from 95th to 75th. Police activity on an ongoing investigation. Blocks the exit to 75th and lots of squad cars or their state. Police air their idot Certainly there. Eso consider 81st as your exit, but further along, you're jammed again. As you approach 40 30 of a crash in the two left lanes, so not where you want to be about. About 40 is well up on 57 18 and Bonds Okay, but jammed on the M bomb. Bishop Ford a lot of that traffic filtering right into the nonstop mess on the Ryan. So that's 30 to get there from 80 Lakeshore Drive crowded at Chicago. He will be crowded on those tall weighs about a Chris Opperman Mobile, 7 80 Mainly on the tristate Claire. South pounds backing about moral across the Bensenville Bridge. Got a tight ramp to the inbound with roadwork in the right lane on that ramp until five. Then you're slow. Cermak down 47th Dixie Highway to the Lincoln Oasis north on 88 to the up onto 90 Ram Jam packed from North Avenue up to grand right before the curves out of O'Hare got a stalled vehicle in the right lane their nineties. Okay, It's all right, despite some roadwork around Route 47. Also, he's found in the right lane. Aurora Toll Plaza, 59. 53 3 55 3 90 Those air Good Chris Hoberman Mobile, 7 80 Next traffic aboard for 18 news ready of 7 81 of five point none of him with the forecast today. Hot, inhuman a chance with thunderstorm today with a high today of 94 denying couple of thunderstorms early and With a potential.

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