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That interest rate is three point nine nine percent with the one thousand one hundred ninety dollars monthly payment of three point nine five seven percents a._p._r. rates and terms subject to change without notice licensed by the department of business oversight under the california residential mortgage lending act n._m._l._s. sixty housing lender there's a lid for every pot or every single person there is a purse really only seven billion of us you need off with somebody molly amorous thing maybe get four or five other people taught us sometimes there's two lids syrian shares weekdays at ten a._m. We got to go to video review. Bender was accused of calling bellio lunatic. He's denying the charge. she threw in the red flag and is going to contest it and if she loses then she's gotta stay twenty minutes after the program she's settled ten twenty if she wins bender owes her an apology okay all right so she's protesting this one she's throwing in the red challenge flag she said that bender called her a lunatic now i have not heard the audio here it is hold onto your seat belts kids did bender call bellio a lunatic i gotta go back and everyone's standing in line going to order food and i got to be the old guy here's my credit card statement you've charged me twice sir i'll stand over here and see what you guys have to say that's a great face looked like the lunatic that's the same face you do with me with the c.'s candy on the plane that's the person you're the see's candy lady bender just called that person a lunatic i didn't say lunatic i said look at the face here making bender wins a lunatic reference was made but it was made by me yes see what you guys have to say it's a great face that's all he said that's a great facial making he complimented you Well, he compliment you said it looked like. you're saying but and he complimented you but he saying it facetiously like that's a great goofy lunatic face you're making let's go back to the tape survey looked like the lunatic that's the same face you do with me with the c.'s candy on the plane that's the person you're the see's candy lady bender just called that person a lunatic i didn't say lunatic i said look at the face you're making looks like Play it back. A lunatic insane lunatic. He didn't say. you lost the challenge you gotta stay twenty minutes after the program how do you feel Mad. Challenge for the week. Unburned it on the Monday. King. That's it. now i got to like play it low key yeah we do have at conway show on twitter a bit of breaking news we have tweeted out a photo of a three year old boy who was found walking alone in south pasadena what this boy was found a little while ago about seven o'clock they have not yet found his parents or a guardian of some kind they found the boy on volume street south of arroyo seco parkway south of the one ten near fremont oh he's going to king talk and south facet dino child is not speaking may actually be hearing impaired Is going to king talk that. the photo of that boy is at conway show on twitter conway show on twitter let's look at them check out the the figures about three years old he was walking alone about seven o'clock this evening on gra value street south of the one ten near fremont on twitter in south pasadena dot com slash conway show twitter dot com slash conway show shirt this is blessed is very cute t-shirts wrong See other areas. Where your parents bub? Yeah. Always reach o. All band. You didn't do that. What is reaching for that cop's gun? See that. What did he video? Now. He's still pick still pictures, reach for that cop's gun do that. Get. So he's walking to king taco. It's all right. It's a two blocks. There is gonna give himself meal. Then if you look down a little further that there's a, a fire at a what is that a? Carmax carmax. fire sale going on in south bakersfield bunch of cars i think they said it might have started with a big rig that sparked it in the cars exploded can he get hot deals Sorry. Though. Both those jokes were given to me by Mondo. Oh. That's pretty good. Yeah. He's on fire tonight. Do. What about the smoke? Oh, yeah. The smoking hot deal. The most cars. Fire sale. We already know hot deals oh tape back. You have no more challenging. That's right. You're outta challenge caused stands. and then there's a new study out there man we got a lot of really cool stuff on our twitter here a new study suggests that you might your date might be there just for the food and we were going to And the launch tonight the space x launch at eleven thirty eleven thirty. Yes. But from Kennedy. vandenberg one coast or the other and it's the other let's get into this foodie thing oh when we get back seven take breaks here are we going back foodie some women here listen to this gang some women agreeing to date for a meal that's where we've gotten society i like the food i like the price i like those prices are live on k._f._i. funeral has been held for l._a. county sheriff's deputy joseph solano was murdered two weeks ago while off duty at a jack in the boston alhambra solano son met says his father taught him to face fear he says his dad used to take him to scary movies i think subconsciously i enjoyed it because i showed him it wasn't afraid matt solano says his fifty year old father had so much life ahead of a man for it to be taken away so suddenly is unjustified heartbreaking horse steps at santa anita i've actually dropped this year unofficial figures show the track had a few steps in eight years pitas kathy gillian says the public reaction has been different this year people noticed but certainly there have been many deaths on california tracks over many years thirty horses died since december that led to protests and some race dates were cancelled a baby formula sold exclusively at walmart has been recalled because it could have some kind of metal in it the thirty five ounce containers are labeled parent's choice advantage infant formula milk based powder with iron made by the paragon company and used by date of february twenty six twenty twenty one or perico p. e. r. o. chicago police have released early seventy hour Video surveillance related to the jussie smollet case. He climbed survived a racist, homophobic, attack back in January, one clip from an officer's body Cam shows mullet wearing a rope around his neck at his home after the alleged attack. the department also released surveillance video clips of the two brothers who took part in the attack on small ed police letter claimed the attack was staged got a crash on the ninety one in serena's this one is lung the eastbound side coming up on studebaker it looks like they've just rolled everything off to the shoulder so what's some heavy traffic away from bellflower boulevard also admit city they're trying to clear this crash out of lanes ten eastbound before lossiemouth and the right lane it's been blocked we're seeing a bit of a backup coming away from just about robertson couple pockets of slowing beyond the crashes you roll towards the ten freeway heading into downtown los angeles and culver city on the four zero five southbound delays between the ninety or make that washington boulevard and the ninety slow traffic along the six make that the ten westbound delays are loading up away from holt and they extend all all the way to point avenue k._f._i. in the.

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