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Best comment of anyone that instead of sharing how the Democratic Party is far left pro socialist policies not to mention the hateful language of some of their members have used towards law enforcement and Jews wrong for the future of our nation the president interjected with unacceptable personal attacks and racially offensive language no matter our political disagreements aiming for the lowest common denominator or only divide our nation further. Yes and I do want to point out. You can't ask people to do something you wouldn't do because you talked not you you know because you talked about grabbing folks by the you never apologize for that now. You said a lot of stuff that you've never college is dh four so asking people just apologizing for. That's what I'm saying. Don't expect other people to do what you will not because you are. This is not a paternal country. This is a conscious democratic country where people can do what they need to do. I just wanted to get my appoint. Yes go ahead and for sure okay. I love how he goes. You know that they hate America and that is so bad. Go back where you came from here. Where you're the guy in charge? His campaign was based on make America great again meaning that is not that great so he's accusing people of exactly what his entire campaign was based on. Oh yes which is that this is not that good a country right. Am I wrong about it that way. I do want to point out that you know who just quietly okayed a be killing insecticide made by Dow who just happened to donate a million dollars to his inaugural committee. It also ended a program that tracks attracts bees help now if you're going to do that if you're going to allow them to put things in the air that are going to kill the bees. We're all GONNA die because if they're not pollinating and helping US grow food we need see that's why we need. Beach can't poop on them like this. They're not the healthy apparently there are we so. I think it's very important for people to sort of if you want to get rid of policies are get that that's that's what every president does hit. He denies less Organiz swarmed down to mar-a-lago by his orange. I want to thank you for that. In fact I'm I'm actually actually being serious yeah because this is about life and death how the plan yes okay so honeybees don't do that. They don't sit junk and I know whooping happy and I are both beekeepers. Yes most people don't know that and it really is it really is a life or death situation really. Is You really don't want a life or death situation which they said my earpiece I can tell you is that the Tennessee police department is urging residents not to flush their drugs down the toilet because they're creating meth gators for real. I'm not kidding disengaged sharing yes. I'm not kidding. Citing fears that the wildlife might consume them and exhibit a natural behaviors ducks geese and.

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