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Show a movie theaters because all the movies for getting pushed back because the cove it well, they're they're either getting pushed back or in the case of Paramount, now launching their app with HBO, Max and Disney. Plus, they're gonna have a whole lot of same day streaming releases. So the release it in theaters for, I guess maybe it's awards consideration. They're going to be dropping on the app. Same day. Yeah, because I was looking this run down What we have for the show. Today, The King's men has been pushed back. Um Tom Harlan's will be uncharted has been pushed back to 2022 The Ghostbusters After life has been pushed to November of 2021. I mean, what do you actually going to show in a movie theater? I mean, look, everything that was supposed to be dropping in the spring has all they've all vacated those slots. There are no films coming out major releases. They're set to release in the spring. They're all trying to drop not in summer. But there are moving to the end of the year starting like maybe the earliest releases will be in August. Lights. Yeah, I mean, how does the movie theater stay in business with one release in August? Nothing prior. Nothing Post, you know, used to have maybe 45 releases each and every week, And even if you're not a first run movie theater, there was still 2nd and 3rd run movies out there that were released in theaters and in the first run theaters, But you know, you can now show me your small theater. For $5 or something. It's not first from, but it's right after they think it's their release. They can't even do that anymore. There's nothing for movie theaters to show. I don't know why they keep pushing me. Oh, and also black widow they recently announced that was been looking back. That's been pushed back. And actually, you don't even have a release date on that yet. No, we just know it's been pushed back to some later date. To be shown somewhere, And I believe that's contractual in nature because they would have dropped it on the Disney Plus at that. They could have been just been done with it like these other movies, But I don't know if anyone will care after a certain point, because if you keep pushing that movie back People move on. Because it will be a two year old movies plus sooner than later. I don't see how I mean, How do you show a movie in theaters that are open? Won't have a reason for people to actually go to them and won't have other movies to show. Right, Right. Wait next to six months in easily because I now have them the leverage as a consumer where there aren't enough theaters for you to show it in, But you do have enough subscribers. To view it. It's just math. At this point. This is the Mo Kelly show. When we come back, I'll be joined by calf eyes own Steve Gregory. He has a new special, which will be debuting, premiering tomorrow at 4 P.m.. Regarding the death and life of Kobe Bryant. It's one year later since his untimely passing correspondent Steve Gregory joins us next. Kate, If I am 6 40. We're live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Klytus, Tiffany and with the news church in Al Monte has been damaged by a fire. Investigators say an explosion at the church started the fire around 1 15 this morning, investigators also found evidence that the first Works Baptist Church was vandalized. Church has been the scene of recent protests for teachings against the LGBT Q community. The number of people in the hospital with covert 19 has slipped below 19,000 and California a drop of more than 10% in two weeks. The nearly 23,000 new cases reported today are less than half the mid December peak of nearly 54,000. Torbush. A tour bus has crashed on its way to the Grand Canyon, killing one person and injuring dozens more. Las Vegas based bus rolled over yesterday, a northwestern Arizona Capitol Police have opened an investigation after Republican lawmaker was busted with a concealed gun. Maryland Republican Congressman Andy Harris set off the metal detector while trying to enter the House chamber on Thursday. A statement from Harris's team says he had a gun permit and he has he has never carried a gun on the House floor..

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