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Right. I mean, we're talking so first of all. The gridlock on Manhattan streets, the effect that congestion pricing will have on that. I don't think is that much of a given. I don't know. I don't know the congestion pricing is going to have that huge debt on either end of where it's going to potentially benefit New York. Now that being said, I don't think there's any reasons really not to do it seems like the stars are all aligned that it's moving forward as Dana said, it's you know, and and I said, it's you know, seems like near guarantee you never know could come up the works in Albany. A couple of rogue senators and the whole thing is in trouble. But clearly there would be some positive benefits both to the MTA funding situation and the congestion issue. So yes, but on both fronts. There's other things that need to happen as well. And that some of what we've been reporting on this week, and and at other times in addition, she talked briefly at the end there about Amazon thinker points about the transit concerns. Were right on target. I don't think the strongest argument against the deal obvious. There have been a lot of arguments for and against the deal. And what I'm wondering sort of what goes what goes on after this week? You know, is there is there room for discussion is room for compromise. You know, is there room within the process to even really have that discussion kind of remains to be seen. I feel well you you wrote a piece with your take on the Amazon deal. So I want you to give listeners the short version of that. And they can find the long version at Salem dot org. But let me just say real quick, you know, the, but the other thing at play here with the Amazon deal is that Cuomo's talking up that relates the MD MTA funding situation is part of this is supposed to bring in billions of dollars in new tax revenue to New York state that can then be used for things like funding, the MTA, and you know, there are also elements of this memorandum of understanding with Amazon to dedicate payments in lieu of taxes towards the local infrastructure projects and such. So that's a lot more. Discussed another time. But go ahead. Take us out with your your take on the Amazon deal. Well, it's complicated. I've say there's some big big doubts and questions both about the deal, but the process and about frankly, Amazon itself, and and what kind of corporate citizen is. But that is a great thing to read on city dot org on city dot org and got them because at that calm a lot under this agenda two thousand nineteen series. We've done criminal Justice. We've done transit next week is housing. Tune in here to hear that next Wednesday come to our sights to see more, and we're gonna thank Reggie Johnson behind the glass and thank everyone for listening and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. You've been listening to maximum fee on WBAI. Keep listening have a great holiday happy..

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