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He's always each always. The light console of the very very low likes you rose vectored by all of process not to you know he's such. I hope now that the break is given the chance to just rescues growing us. It was called For too long inauguration at the end Probably the best of but he's a great great lot Great Charter album aggressive with rolling. Theon who Occasion from fascinating stuff often from Steve Bruce. That the key thing for me for any money in this situation not great to hear was he saw possible steps fooling in terms of at least start in the league. What it means to his team will bring the key things to come out without that. He said he's going to be testing on Sunday Biz weights. Everybody gets asked the check. Everybody's okay in Tuesday morning will be the fittest stall what we'd save fish. Full group trading lack three four players may be going to be on on one pitch would together in Activities going on that's trying to phase one getting Starts he was really interesting to think this and even kind of detail it in detail. Different training teams different training programs. In place yeah so so different probably so difficult to try and get the fitness of the players to the condition that they want to get the small sided games. Go which is which is a staple of what you do as a professional team shape stuff in different environment. I'll tell you what I mean. He was very quick at what the Star Rob was. He just decided Rebecca. Hang on a minute. There's four three or four phases here phase one. I didn't get the sense. The Not maybe the is not happy about it rob as a little bit of trump a donation in doing yeah like can we know a few plaza of still expressed that worrying about getting back. I JUST GOT BACK FROM STEVE. Bruce's first onto like I'm GonNa Minute you know we do this step by step so I think that is going to be the case. Steve Bruce as a manager. I expressed out there isn't it I thinking about all the mind. Visible CO Q. Stops you've kind of you know. Obviously which will not phase one get in small group together. Spos- face to you're going to be something we'll see you know free. Maybe three minutes Solo fools they compacted games must be minded. Coach was unlikely Recording things will going to plan out raw the next four weeks in terms of how we get to got incense see how we get much stakes almost like doing preseason. What you've got different hurdles that you're gonNA get over the buddy. Trump's assistant sitting at plant plans gathered no food outlet training ground planning. Maybe no my soul. Jeez Berry Berry Different Difficult for the coaching style. Yeah and I think just to follow on I mean I think you know and we know that if you send this raw thank feel rushed like hang on a minute. We were all locked down. We could have a house. We will do not spin banking in our home and all of a sudden seems to be pressure. I absolutely understand it. I understand it I mean the plaza said it. He kind of said there as well. It's just a seems to be a pressure from from everywhere within England or Britain about the Premier League. Even even get into that. Yeah ingestion some some big challenges. Last lots of Glenmore. We does months Teeny almost. Let's down a little bit. Let's not rush. They're going back and not be all with the message that we got from. The government comes with a house especially show me the primarily themselves and lasted route Be Seeking John. Wylie Dixon was say is going to be playing Robin. When not as comfortable in in Matthew? Changing along the journey make sure that they feel safe secure in a controlled environment. It all just hope rob over the next few days and weeks the those players and it's all about the players in the League film will comfortable rob the they arrive. Get tested straight away there in that case you know all this procedure is in place. Now we got an email about the Bundesliga as a protocol. I mean it was the longest in in your life so I'm show. The premise will be similarly as a show in determined to make a sterile environment as they can and I hope that the place feel more comfortable but like you said unle- Dixon said in our last part I wouldn't play said I'm not ready to play. There's a rush and I'M NOT READY. So is the first night inside of this And it sounds like rob or entities governments the league UEFA. Kinda like getting ready to go back but the gotTa respect the players opinions on this. Pf as been involved in the manage associations as well and that's where we are right now. I just hope fingers crossed the the plastic satisfied role. Maybe not going to get all of them satisfied. Maybe that'd be a few that don't play it. We'd hate to see that. That's just hope we can get it going. Rob Feeling going into the custom your next week if we get Joiners US maybe you take if you if the players in the plane stop from lab we will be in and you know all people being pushed towards a decision magnet and I think the decent funny should be Nixon join us. Let's focus in your castle because only flaxseeds. You'll be really exciting. Time know it possible Am the Muhammad Bin Salman. Three many We it is close to be completed a lovely Issues in the see Bruce talking about many and and that's all we wanted is okay. It's interesting when you talk about Siemian. Hannity from Rockford almost used to play like could only play slobby by countertop safety great trying to change opened up in the season the Hamad it lasted said they went to it and he said he was just seen as stone to change. Things may go to into front as we got to the grade. Mostly the to stage the Newcastle Us maybe making baby steps in changing things. I'm the late sauce. The first thing I want to do is is basically say what a good job he's done and our hold my hand up. Royal Wave of many podcasts. Preseason look forward to the season I do customer not going down getting relegated. I just couldn't see how this squad with a manager. The was has blown hot and cold before and his managerial jobs. Water good job. He's done and I always very interested. Dog and Rebecca sang about embiid as loves. The club is a funding uk-us united and I'm hard. It must have been to try and separate. Okay Your Phrase Rob. Your your manager. It doesn't want to be a fan. Asia is going to be. It's going to be determined. He makes a decision even though he is love loved his heart. GonNa put them in different directions. So just wanted to get out straightaway. What a good job rob. What's a good job? He's done with an average plays we'll get into is just with a potential takeover. Nobody's job of that. Club is GonNa be guaranteed now when you say what? A good job isn't the job to be a new customer. Aside many people did number going down with album on the adjuncts allegation. The templates on Monday uniting fits only of fullness lead just going to be a the job. He's doing a good job. Not a lot of money will plant woops assist them but he took the job of what was the timeframe rob wash wash. Your timeframe is if we get the cove it net by the saw next. He's not on. Thanks Steve This will be the ninety nine. I agree with you rob but I don't know if it's quite as clear cut as that you know I listen. I agree with you and that would be my percentages that side of it but he has a good job we know he loves the club. You know. I'm sure you'd like to change the way that they play a little bit. I just wonder if I I don't know. Get a start of a season and then the venue into if you don't like how it's going finding a new manager to replace him. The middle of season is incredibly difficult. We know that Michio poetry is cost. Monitor this available right now. I'm agreeing with you rob I just. I wouldn't be totally surprised if he does. Stop next season. But but we'll say because the likely it is if a takeover happens still still question marks by that by the way even the is a few legal ramifications or some piracy stuff is coming up the the my stop it but but you probably right if they probably will go in if all goes through with it with a new Gotha and plenty new place just want to talk about Kabila a squad key players who will be known to to just before we owns the league and detail. Miguel marrone During the football club Seen him he Ronson Play while when you how he would be didn't school people saying what's Essential Billy. He was one of those. A bright candidate trump runtime for just starting to show some of the signs. We've seen him in in major league. Soccer is one of them where it hasn't been great but yet you see enough. I'm sure the manager sees in his teammates. Nothing trading to know that he complains. He's got great energy very very quick. Good scale I think everybody probably hitting south would agree that in in critical moments probably Russia's things as a hundred million miles an hour while he needs to learn compose himself me sang other rudy. Great plans said that he's like a chicken with his head cough. Sometimes that's GONNA to improve to his appearances this season but he can play and Steve Bruce. Way talked about him. You could see that he feels for him and he thinks he's going to be important part of trump and I do is going to be a situation where he hasn't done. His scored a couple of hours in two thousand eight hundred twenty appearances and he's going to drift drift out of the club. I believe that he is going to be a part of the transition. He's good enough. In my opinion rob to stay with the majority plays that will come in this next phase of new dishes. There's not going to go straight from united to to a team Philippe superstar players. That will be some progressions that we've seen all other teams of new ownership on but he's good enough. I think to stay with the next level of planet comes in and steepest Senate in eighteen back. He said you know just feeding together get on the the number ten position laughing. We'll fight you. Think with him. But you make you make points out the players faxer. He won't be discarded. I think best players more possession of the Bull Allen on I'm not shing was totally made up when he's going to say in a in an account it's just very much Cobra Greg Pool is GonNa get on the bull. He's GonNa get things the you'll see more of as Newcastle probably by the next level Quality play a bit more possession. You Dry I think we'll see move out. I'm John Jay yet lane aware only with Himalayan I remember seeing him. It's y'all sounders and about friend back in the in the UK and he asked me name asleep. Plays who you think commenting when play yet linked up molest said he looks like the lauded style. Full box in Nettie.

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