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Want and see what other people people to when you're ready to new used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience after sending warplanes to carry out an air strike on a Ron President Trump called it off at the last minute that order coming after the president said Iran made a big mistake when shooting down a US drone the US military is again ready to launch at a moment's notice. But it is now unclear if and when that will happen, President Trump approved a strike against Iran last night, before abruptly changing his mind, the New York Times, I reporting planes were in the air, and ships were in position before the president called off the strikes against the advice of secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and national security adviser John Bolton. That is ABC's Martha Raddatz, the president tweeting this more. Learning that he called off the strike after he was told one hundred and fifty people in Iran would die. One man is dead. Following a standoff with police at home in Asheville, the suspect barricaded himself inside of a residence on long street yesterday after firing a gun in the obits area near Rickenbacker airport. The Franklin county, swat team was negotiating with the man when threat was made officers then moved in and he was shot and killed that man's identity. Still has not yet been released sitting back down at the negotiating table, trying to avoid a strike just days after the Columbus city school board hired a consultant to come up with a plan in case of teacher strike negotiations between the union and district resumed yesterday, neither side will say what is being discussed? The Columbus Education Association says they are fighting for better working conditions pay and smaller class sizes, a former Dayton area. Gym teacher accused of inappropriately touching seventy. Several of his former students has been released from jail after posting his half a million dollars bond that was issued yesterday. John Hopkins was arraigned on thirty six counts of gross sexual imposition. Judge rubber peeler ruled that Hopkins must wear an electronic monitor on house, arrest and not around any children while his case moves forward. Prosecutors say they have video of the assaults during gym class reportedly Hopkins showed movies to students every day and signalled out girl to sit on his lap on the other kids were distracted. But sandy Collins reporting plumbers are actually benefiting from Ohio record rainfall EKO, plumbers, say they have forty technicians working long hours throughout the Columbus area to help out people whose homes have been flooded recently, they say residents need to make sure that they're drain lines are clear ahead of heavy rains. If they don't want to have to call Plummer in the near future, too big cases remain undecided. Gerrymandering Andy citizen, ship question. While those rulings have yet to. Come down. The supreme court has made a decision and a death row conviction over the jury selection process and a seven to two majority. The supreme court has thrown out the murder conviction of Mississippi man on death row African American critics flowers was first convicted in nineteen ninety seven for the execution style murders of four people at a furniture store, where he worked, there was no murder weapon. No witnesses or physical evidence tying him to the scene. Tried six times, his most recent in two thousand ten he was convicted by eleven white and one black jurors, and sentenced to death. The justices today throwing out that conviction finding the prosecutor had improperly kept African Americans off the jury. That's ABC's. Serena Marshall, Ricky chino stay connected to Columbus and central Ohio on the hour, thirty minutes past in his news.

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