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When the bellinger's came upon the king crab graveyard in August nineteen ninety-four. They didn't quite know what to think. They eventually assumed the gooey balls that covered the beach where pieces of jellyfish tossed ashore by the mysterious explosions. Meanwhile a similar substance carpeted OAKVILLE. Their blogs rained from the sky with no explanation, covering twenty square miles of the town in clear gelatin. The to Blob fallout seemed related, but were geographically isolated. No one reported any unexplained goop in the fifty miles between Oakville and ocean shores, nor could anyone come up with a common explanation for both incidents. Some OAKVILLE residents joke that somehow jellyfish had traveled from the deep ocean to fall on the small timberline town. When news of the bellinger's discovery reached OAKVILLE. People took the jellyfish explanation more seriously. This brings us to our first theory that the term. OAKVILLE BLOBS was a misnomer. They were actually OAKVILLE jellies. Jellyfish from the Pacific. Ocean were sucked into the sky and rain down over Oakville, causing illness among the populace. In the Pacific Ocean off. The coast of Washington state an Alien World Lurks just beneath the surface. Here during the summer months jellyfish bloom or gather in large groups close to the coast. Normally. The blooms drift peacefully and eventually returned to the sea, but in August nineteen, ninety four, the US Air Force conducted test. Bombing runs just off of ocean shores Washington. For the exercise, the three hundred fifty four, th fighter squadron took off from mcchord Air Force. Base. They flew one hundred miles to ocean shore with dropped their charges in the see. The explosions decimated the jellyfish blooms, blowing pieces of the creatures into the sky. The remains could have been sucked up in passing storm clouds and later fell on Oakville though it sounds outlandish. This wouldn't be the first time animals rain down from above. Since ancient times, the incredible phenomenon of animal rain has captured the human imagination. Everything from frogs and fish to golf, balls and coffee creamer have poor down from the sky. In many of these cases, the explanation for the strange precipitation is simple. When wind rain and air pressure are all just right? waterspouts conform over bodies of water. These are weaker than tornadoes, but have similar locomotive and destructive power. Sometimes waterspouts, pickup, fish or frogs, and suck them into the clouds the next time it rains or snows, the animals fold down with the precipitation. Washington state has heavy annual rainfall and lots of stormy weather possibly shortly after the air force's bombing runs a waterspout formed over the ocean and sucked up the jellyfish remains. That were blown into the air. This theory would explain why the blobs only fell during storms. It also accounts for another effect of the blogs, a widespread mysterious illness that afflicted anyone who touched them. The most common jellyfish along the Washington coast are translucent moon, jellies and Yellow Tinged Fried Egg Jellyfish The latter is named for the Yellow Yolk like caloric action at the center of their bells, giving the appearance of a fried egg. Neither of these jellies are very poisonous and humans would only feel a mile burning sensation from most stings, but stings unsensitive areas, or even accidental ingestion of their venomous cells could cause nausea and vomiting. The area is also home to the much more dangerous lion's Mane. Jelly and sea nettle both have powerful stinging tentacles and are much more dangerous than Moon jellies or fried egg jellyfish. The, sea nettles venom alone can paralyze small fish and feels like a bee sting to humans. If. These jellies were blown apart in an explosion and then rain down over OAKVILLE. Perhaps their toxins were then absorbed by people who touch them. As Unlikely as it may sound at first, the jellyfish theory makes sense. The town's residents seem to think so to. One local bar even invented accustomed drink called the jellyfish made of ten Bata and juice. But Sunny Barclay, if woman who led the investigation of the BLOBS, didn't by the explanation when she heard it after the first blob fall, and is August continued in the blobs returned on multiple occasions. The holes in the jellyfish hypothesis became more transparent. The OAKVILLE. blobs remained down a total of six times in August nineteen, ninety-four in Sonny's opinion. This didn't line up with the jellyfish theory. It's possible. A bloom of jellyfish was blown to pieces and sucked up into a waterspout, but she argued that if that had happened, the jellies would only fall with precipitation once according to National Geographic's Carol Sumika Lazio, when animal rains occur, the storm clouds empty in stages. The first thing to fall is the heaviest material which in this case means the animals. The rain follows after. So the fact that the blobs descended with the rain suggests they didn't come from the clouds or the jellyfish pieces had to weigh about the same as the raindrops. That means every BLOB had to be about one one thousandth of an ounce, the equivalent to a grain of rice. It's possible that some tiny lightweight jellyfish blobs were sucked into.

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