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But what's important to realize that. Not all the data's especially with the machines especially with trackers or carson whatsoever. It's not all related to me to the user so it's not get it's not taking or gathering any data from you know date of the bird or the name and thought it's just you know the position and it can be a how cold these are outside or whatever any that it's programmed to send it good to demystify. We have some some jobs you on on demystifying with the smart cities when you tell the people about the smartest first thing and with me as well comes the tv cameras. We all been watched. And it's like a big brother and we don't want that so there's a there's a lot of nuances in in between having clean and on time and know regular transport knowing where what and how to you know we are being watched and the government knows what we are doing in the bore letters the scare a lot of people operating within the jurisdiction of the eu gdp or by the missile most misunderstood legislations. That was put out there. Because as you said once you understand it on your Data you know you're clicking a lot of it if it was a car and telemetry about the car not the individual so you may want to see the brakes performing as they should under certain temperature conditions as opposed to walk that means for me in the car to something you know You're quite entitled to the benefit of the ghost. Maria probably a better braking system two years down the line. Because you know when when it doesn't fail something like that. I'm continuing on a lot of people do have concerns about data security and privacy. Now do you think in your experience. Those concerns debate addressed by the major iot platform providers and the ecosystem it. Will you have people who talk about how worried they are then going facebook spokane post everything about their private life absolutely today whole like. You're worried about the smart city sensor capturing something about june that goes government than they know everything about you buddha's citizen you're quite okay carrying phone off in fact when you said loop says giving all your data to whatever whoever it is at the end of the day. Yeah the i think. There's a misconception there as well as a learning piece. But i think if you're an organization providing an iot solution it's probably good practice to try to educate your customers about what you do with the data much.

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