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Cape May and like Oh. I'm the bad the future and the paragon now and Even though as much as I would have liked to see more Kenner in Kevin Conroy in this worked with brandon rouse. I would've liked to see. Some interactions This old Batman with his old superman. Oh Man but I understand that they had Kevin Conroy killed his superman and I understand that I. I don't know I I would have liked more of conroy to but in here what he did. I think we got more screen time than in a way. I would have thought that I mean it was. It was nice that he was in there longer than what he could have been. You know it really could have been just a Kind of how we got the Knox Cameo and stuff nice can really just been a pop in drought. I mean it. It also would have been pretty cool if we would see in like if there would have been a different case there. That was a dead and this cave this kate was. You know grew Swain's apprentice and she she was taken over the mission courtroom and she could see this the other K.. And this other hearse. That did go the darker way. Did that did become like this. And that would have been in some character development. That would've been really good for Kate where she's like. Well well well you know if I if I keep going down. This bat woman pass will end like Bruce. Will I turn the way the bestest turned you know ooh Lamine ever been interesting even if you like what you just said if you WANNA flip that. Instead of it. Being Kate it was best on that. Yeah Yeah there you go on that Earth because then you've got the actress that played Beth. There we go. I'm kind of surprised she wasn't in it first of all because you said you hadn't seen it. She was black canary in birds of prey in the the TV show birds of prey. That actress was young Black Canary. And so I'm surprised that she already been contract with. CW's you wasn't cameo of hunters at the very beginning together. They did looked it up the voice of Oracle that she talks to it was Gena Myers. Who did the voice who was a oracle on birds of prey? I don't know if it was a new recording or if it was old audio like our time footage type thing. Yeah yeah but it really was her as Oracle so I don't know why they couldn't have just in the schedule like sound a shot for her just to be in that same shot so I don't know so you're saying Beth was black canary on that show. Yeah would yeah then it would have made much more sense to have have bruce be with Beth. I'm Beth is like the quote. Unquote Terry McGinnis only evil. I mean they've already done an actor if you think about it. I mean they had had air could durant's as a Laura on supergirl and then they had her as Lois you know. From on her smallville segment so many already ready doubled up an actress. When something Brian or else they are now I don't know I mean we'll get to that point but I feel like I feel like we would have liked more brand around superman. I'm still holding out hope for more. You're just because 'cause raise not there. That's true that's true. He's Yeah Mall Down One thing. One thing I did want to go go back and watch is so an interesting serey listeners that that's how I looked at today. Is Tom Walley. Superman was he wearing blue. Kryptonite on arm a wristband hand with further investigation. It is the watch that was Jonathan. Kent's watch that Clark had and war but it does have a blue sheen to it and aglow to makes me wonder if there is Blue Kryptonite in there. Who I I gotta go back tonight and just like posit by frame because man so So this this suit starts out we want to get ahead of ourselves of course but so this AC- starts out with You know we we We here giggles back back. And Cisco has showed up and the him in Ray has finished the paragon texture. And now we know who all the Pentagon's are your little head. Oh it opens with huntress from birds of prey running and we see he goes. Aren't you get destroyed. which was cool because birds of prey debuted in two thousand three so that makes complete sense by that was two three very true other than other than that? You're completely right where it goes from there like that. Was The you know we saw that when we got the of crisis on infinite or yes sorry I hit play when we start talking but it skipped a bit so yes. So that Dot Earth is disappeared we see huntress who s correct me if I'm wrong. She in that world bath man. Cat Woman's daughter. Yes she was Helene Wayne Yeah right okay yeah Wayne Yeah now. Didn't they. Do and another earth like Earth. Two Huntress was the daughter Batman common so that show always kind of felt like it was on an earth to you kind of thing because they talked about new Gotham and they talked about you know she was Halina. Wayne the daughter Batman and cat will then so but now we know it wasn't earth two to three so The joy just keeps coming. Yeah I mean I. I can't wait till January. These ready I mean in January. But it's too. It's like both parts in two nights. Though I mean one night they can have even spread out like Oh wait. They're doing it one one night. Yeah is both episode. One night on the gas I would do if I could take that right. And that means we've record. We're double talking hall. Gosh we're going to free up to call it that day because he cannot not watch it live. You know what I'm saying. Unlike posit record can go back and watch it and hey look who's buzzing. Yeah he must. He's superman red. He made it to the vanishing point right there. So so James got so far. Is that Earth. Two or three has disappeared. Disappeared has gone again and.

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