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This isn't any reason to panic if you're Chelsea fan, in my opinion. This is always I fucking year in English football. And for a while there. He had everything running. These are just growing pains and look get get fucking has ordered a strike partner. Who is a much better player than soft ass Murata and beautiful ass drood? And you'll you'll be a much better shape than they can take that free flowing attack minded football that sorry preaches. So in all wolves giantkillers fuck with them, heavy Chelsea fix yourself. Yeah. What what are you doing? What he keep brother? I don't get it. Moving on to Liverpool versus Burnley Liverpool Klopp with you know, the big balls of your club decided not to star his front three. And you know, it backfire Jack cork in the fifty four minute with the goal is seemed like this whole tactic arresting player was gonna you know, backfire heavily. But terms out when James Milner scores the does not lose. So after Jay's Milner scored a sixty second minute, we had Bobby for menia in the sixty ninth. Nice. And then shared insecure e in the ninety first who the last podcast, I said, Lucas Torrero was the best in the summer. I'm sorry. I was wrong. It's Sakiri by Guidon. It's eas-. I saw that today. He's been every hundred eight minute. He's involved with the goal of assist or scored like God. He's so talented ridiculous, and he works so.

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