North Korea, Larry Sharoni, Kcbs discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


By the Shane company as you may have heard on the CBS hourly news North Korea fired several short range projectiles off its eastern coast early today. It's a move that certain to raise tensions talks with the US over North Korea's nuclear program remained stalled and KCBS Larry Sharoni says it will surely become a major topic on the presidential campaign trail. He spe congressman Eric swale will says it's very concerning. The North Korea would return to such provocative action. You know, we're marching toward a nuclear program. I actually supported the president engagement with them on this. But I think it went on for too long without anything in return from the North Koreans. And now it just looks like we are being played. And so there's going to have to be consequences. And I think those consequences me, I are foreign policy we go back to engage our allies, the Japanese and south premiums, but also the Chinese and putting pressure on North Korea. Make sure we are not at risk in California. Orca we'll says Kim Jong recent meeting with Putin in Russia is also another red flag that illustration dramatic turn in our country's foreign policy. The way that a parent look. Ground than the last two years, you're gone from hanging out with the British and the French and the Germans are traditional allies now with the detention crew and were associated ourselves with the North Koreans in the Russian and the cost of that is that we are losing the faith of our allies were pulling out of treaty that make us safer in the world and concept more swallow says if President Trump plans to meet with North Korean leaders again to discuss they nuclear rising, the Korean peninsula. He needs to be better prepared with a list of demands and timetable for action from the North Koreans or face even tougher sanctions. Larry Sharoni KCBS KCBS news time eight twelve eight was a wild night in baseball. We've got some happy bay area. Baseball fans this morning. We will tell you. Why?.

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