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I also Dave wrote I wrote a time travel novel called the glove, and it's up. On Amazon and paperback or digital form available to purchase now on demand, demand read the glove. Now, it's been a long time coming always wanted to add a story to time travel genre. Here is the blurb for the book after Ben Stanley son is born he suddenly finds himself on time traveling journey from his own past for a man whose life hasn't turned out the way he thought it would bend now has the chance to change everything for the better. We'll been be corrupted by this newfound power all will use it for good this mind-bending journey through the best and worst of times of his life will force him to reevaluate. What's important, and ultimately, what makes him happy the glove on Amazon. Nice job. Dave, very proud of you that you wrote a thing that you wrote a glove and now people go get it again events at ten T dot com. This episode is Mr. Seth green, whom I've known I think maybe since I. We were teenagers. But if not real real real close since the nineteen hundreds since the early to mid nineties, and I I don't know what to say other than I love him. I love the shit out of him set. This just he's just likeable and talented and industrious any makes a lot of cool stuff. And he's just kind of like he's carved out his own path as a creator while also carving out his own path as an actor. And now he's adding directing to that. He's got a movie that he directed called change land, which is not out yet. But we do talk about it quite a bit. I saw it. And it's great. And when it does come out, you should see it. I don't know when that is yet. But when it does you should he doesn't know that either. I'm not I'm not being irresponsible host. We there really is no information on that yet. But it's great, and you should see change lamb when it comes out and just love this guy so launch. So thank you Seth.

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