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Meeting. Collins is leading the GOP group, many of whom helped write the bipartisan deal that was signed into law in December. Colin says the group agreed to continue talks at the staff level and she's hopeful they can pass another relief package. Kelsey Snell NPR NEWS Washington Two of President Biden's Cabinet nominees will face Senate confirmation votes today. They include Alejandro Mayorkas, the nominee to become head of the Department of Homeland Security, and Pete Buddha judge the nominee to lead the Transportation Department. If confirmed, they are expected to be sworn into office quickly. National Weather Service warns that a powerful nor'easter man Winter storm continue to punch much of the northeastern U. S. And New England. The storm's effects trail as far south as the Carolinas. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is blunt. If you don't need to be out, go back to your house immediately. If you're in your house, don't leave your house Forecasters say some areas are getting near blizzard conditions. The worst effects are being felt from Pennsylvania to Maine. This is NPR. The Chicago public School system has delayed students returned to in person learning until Thursday. The system is an odds with the teachers union over when to reopen. Parents say they're caught in the middle from member station W Be easy. Adriana Cardona McGee, God has more More than 65,000. Students in pre K through eighth grade, were hoping to go back to school in person, but the district delayed they're re opening after negotiations fell to produce a deal. Ryan Griffin is with a group of parents who support in person. Learning. Much of this is exhausting and frustrating. When you're in a classroom. The Children don't run out of the room. When they don't have interest in the subject. They look around and they see what their peers they're doing. And re engage other parent and say they don't trust that Chicago public schools can safely reopening for NPR news. I am Adrianna Cardona McGuigan in Chicago. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is in a court hearing in Moscow. Russian officials accused him of breaking the terms of his probation for a suspended sentence in case he calls politically motivated. The moment was immediately jailed when he recently returned to Russia. Thousands of his supporters filled the streets in Russia demanding his release in Myanmar. The political party of former de facto leader Aung San Suu chief has demanded her immediate release. They're also calling for the military junta to recognize her election victory. Last year. The Hutu leaders faced calls to be tried for war crimes against Rohingya Muslims. Souci also failed to stop crimes against her Hingas. On Korver Coleman NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Capital one with the capital one. Venture card. Details at capital one dot com. What's in your wallet? Credit approval required Capital One bank Yusa in a And the listeners who support this NPR station. The Department of Homeland Security says domestic violent extremists pose an ongoing threat and the U. S. Terrorism experts are worried. We are on the beginnings of a problem that's likely to be with us, not just for months, but for years. More on how this very real danger might manifest itself coming up as morning edition gets underway here on KCRW Stay with us. You're listening to KCRW. Now, let's take it to the next level. Discover viper treatment, curated invitations and special access to your favorite shows the benefits of membership just keep growing, so don't wait, go to kcrw dot com slash joint SoCal, a Public square and the University of Toronto present the world We want. An event.

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