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Are we saying that it's the Gary O'Neil effect? Well, I mean, sure, I think he would, it would be wrong to not give him some of the credit. Look, if they were getting thrashed every week, he'd be, he'd be taking the blame. He'd be fired. So it's got to work both ways. I mean, look, I think the thing with Bournemouth that's that's encouraging for them is like, okay, you can take your 9 nil against Liverpool. That's horrifying. And deeply embarrassing. But ultimately, those aren't the games that are going to decide their fate. It's the games that have happened since, nil nil against wolves, three two against Nottingham Forest, the one one against Newcastle, which now actually looks like a really good result. But no mill against Brentford, two one against Leicester City. Like, yeah, when Bournemouth are going to play the teams that are above them, they're going to get thrashed in a lot of those games. That's just like, they're not suited for those games. But that's not, those aren't the games that matter. The teams that are around them below them close to them, like if they can get draws and eke out some wins like that, that'll be enough for them to potentially stay up. And I'm trying to remember what my prediction was with them. I thought I think I had them going down, but they're proving people wrong right now. Two one last weekend over Lester city? No, those are the kind of games that will keep them up. Sure, definitely. Let's see. Anything else from you on the Premier League? No, but just one thing just to circle back quickly. I saw the article today. I just want to mention it. So America had this bunch of voters added PSG have been accused of using false social media accounts to discredit own players, including in BAPE. And they're said to have pressured in bappi over a new deal. So that's the article on yeah, media part broke the news. And yeah, no, of course, PSG deny it, but that's a story to keep an eye on. I mean, we've seen people organizations use bots before to do exactly that, but I thought it was really, right? They had that scandal. Yeah, very interesting. Very interesting stuff coming out of PSG. Let's go on great there right now, huh? Yeah, it's a fun place to be. Let's see, I'll tell you what, we'll go ahead, we'll take one more break. We'll come back with some MLS, regular season wrap up, postseason preview, that kind of stuff. So we'll wind it down here on cut off side. Don't go anywhere. Oh, back now we want it down here on caught outside. One last bit on the Premier League. JJ have not done the work on this. I have not gone back through Tottenham's 130 year history, but one other Premier League note. For

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