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So you've kind of been your own devil's advocate here but i idea every melby team makes the playoffs give us the pitch the pitch is that most games don't count for anything and this industry is selling literally hundreds of millions of baseball games a year it is just so much product and most of it doesn't count and so i wanted to talk about this as a playoff structure that would do the three things that any playoff structure should do it should make the regular season more interesting it should make the postseason more interesting and a third less imp probably but still i think important idea is it should help determine who the best team is or it should reward the best team someone like you don't wanna have a you don't particularly want to have a sport where fifteen beats to every year right something would be slightly off about that and so you wanna kinda wanna have the the parade go into the best team right and so this would do that it would do all three of those things as it is right now most a huge portion of games are played among teams that are literally playing for nothing because they are either out of it entirely or in some cases have already clinched a but even broader more broadly speaking they basically know that they're out of it a lot of teams for there were a half dozen teams this year that basically started with zero or one percent playoff odds and a third of them combined now have about ten percent playoff odds so they're basically playing for nothing but also.

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