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Komo's Brian Calvert reports the factory accompanies chief has pledged to never news equipment from Chinese. Company. Critics of the proposed merger have actually used China as their defense as in the company called wall way technologies. The Trump administration says while way poses a potential security threat and the secretary of state this week urged Europeans to shun the Chinese based company. Not today not tomorrow not ever during testimony during a house hearing on the proposed merger T Mobile's. John Leger went on the record. Let me be clear. There is no way or Z T equipment in our network today. And there never will be congressman Bill Flora's pressed as to why ledger felt so strongly against ever using the company. Fact, we've had a relationship with them, and we are frankly, very supportive of the United States government. Increase. Actual Ed led to hear that. Brian Calvert, KOMO news station to mandate, a new sex education curriculum in public schools. Drew heated debate in Olympia yesterday. We get more from komo's Carleen Johnson's supporters of the measure wanna make comprehensive medically accurate sex education mandatory in all public schools, including discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity Representative Vicki craft a Republican argued the measure as written goes way too far. Let's just be real about this curriculum. It's teaching young children how to have sex. Meantime, hotel workers and other vulnerable employees could soon have better protections against sexual harassment and assault as a result of legislation that passed unanimously off the Senate floor yesterday Senator Karen Kaiser, a sponsor this will apply to hotel housekeepers, motel housekeepers room, service attendance, janitors and security guards as well. A Bill now heads to the house for consideration. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. News seven thirty nine. We'll get a sports update and the answer to today's. Did you hear next here on the KOMO morning news? I lost fifty..

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