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The mandatory evacuation zone is now seventeen miles long and up to five miles wide extending from coastal mountains northwest of los angeles all the way to the pacific ocean hollywood has tapped anita hill to lead an effort to combat sexual misconduct as npr's elizabeth blair reports the newly created commission was announced by executives from across the entertainment industry lucasfilm nike a net six are among this backing the effort it's called the commission on sexual harassment and advancing equality in the workplace the goal is to achieve safer fairer more equitable and accountable workplaces anita hill will chair the commission in the early 1990s hell brought allegations of sexual harassment against then us supreme court nominee clarence thomas her testimony on capitol hill is seen as a milestone for women who are afraid to come forward with similar complaints in a statement lucasfilm's kathleen kennedy said the fact that so many industry leaders have come together to explore russians speaks to a new era elizabeth blair npr news the private launch company space x has racked up another first wandering are recycled rocket with a recycled capsule on a resupply run to the international space station the dragon caps all packed with two and a half tons of supplies reaches the space station on sunday morning meanwhile three more space station astronauts are due to launch from the bike an our cosmodrome on sunday this is npr news large crowds attended the funeral of a wheelchairbound palestinian man in gaza killed by israeli fire as npr's daniel esther and reports from jerusalem he was one of three palestinian protesters killed friday during rallies against president trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the death of ibrahim althuraya has captured attention because he was a double amputee according to reuters and other media reports he was twenty nine years old and lost both his legs following an israeli air strike in two thousand eight a palestinian health official says he was shot in the head friday at a demonstration on the gazaisrael border video footage shows him in a wheelchair at the demonstration the israeli army says it's reviewing the circumstances of his death the army says palestinians staged violent riots and soldiers shot at the main instigators thousands of palestinians demonstrated in the west bank and gaza friday against trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel.

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