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Ghosts is hosted produced written edited and mixed by means. sam stegeman. The story you heard on today's show is called fox's and it was written and read by kimberly king. Parsons you can find this story alongside many others in kimberley's book black line up lincoln. The show notes for this episode. Our theme song is by louis. Garra and our show. Art is by teddy blanks incidental music from blue dot sessions if you're a member of the kindred spirits are community of supporters on patriots. You can hear an interview. I did with kimberly about the inspiration for this story. Please consider becoming a member of the kindred spirits today. It's just five dollars a month at patriotair dot com slash family ghosts. We couldn't make family ghosts without the kindred spirits and we appreciate your support so much and if you don't have the means to become a patriotic supporter no problem. Please consider supporting the show. I leaving us a review in apple podcasts. If you're looking for something to listen to in the off weeks between family goes episodes and if you like the hbo series six feet under checkout fisher family ghosts every week my partner adrian. I watch an episode of the series and then talk about the waste narrative characters and themes affect our approach to storytelling. And how we think about our own families find fisher family ghosts where you're listening to this. We'll be back with a brand new episode of family ghosts in two weeks. Thank you for listening ghost family. I'll talk to you then.

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