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And avoid yellow prayer probably would help and the delegate adrian jones as she's from baltimore county democrat told members of the house yesterday called this is going to be a rock and roll in session stay tuned and get plenty of rest while the very first order of business today is going to be democrats going to try to override the governor's veto on the paid sick leave bill which would be extremely injurious to businesses in maryland may even the you know motivate employers to ask why you want to take your leave and be able to uh you know so i wanna take a stake daewoo long it'll tell us why are you sir how are you sick what what's your what are your medical issues i mean that's how bad it is folks in the governor is paid sick leave replacement is better but it's still i think harmful to businesses so that is going to the governor's trying to pick off of some of the twenty nine votes needed to sustain his of his veto dunno if he's going to be successful luck as democrats pretty much are in lockstep in the general assembly sofratike it again the call for bipartisanship doesn't it sound like there's gonna be much of that and not to be melts d expected it's an election year it's gubernatorial election year uncle tom speaker borsch and the democrats know of no very well uh what's at stake in two thousand eighteen and don't expect much cooperation from them when it comes to governor hogan were will seat just how much cooperation there is among the republicans and democrats occur the democrats outnumbering by of a huge amount uh the number of voter delegates vote in the house and the the senators in the senate uh but the governor it's going to be interesting because he wants certain things done and the and and you know he's uh opposed obviously to the slow pace of fifth to pay at wild play caught sick leave my age sickly so it's gonna be interesting because the you know the new poll was come out showing that he as an overall approval rating.

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