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Fascinating show here on coast to coast AM. Hi, everybody, Connie Willis here. We are talking with Jim Peniston of the rental Shaam incident. His latest book coming out here soon is going to be called the rental Shaam 'nigma. And then the second one is shortly after that GM. I gotta ask you if we can go back to that regression. Did you did you learn things that you had no idea that happened? Was there any type of I gotta ask this was there, did you notice any missing time that was longer than you saw? And did you get was there any type of duck that you later found out good question? What happened was is after I got in from the fields from the investigation. See I notice my mom watches. Forty five minutes off the time. Of the of the regular clocks. And so that has always bothered me. But I'm I'm I I'm gonna be contributed to the part where and I put my hand on the triangular glitch. And maybe that wasn't three seconds. Maybe it wasn't five seconds wasn't ten seconds. Maybe that that took forty five. I don't know. Did she find out anything when she regressed you about that? No, not no not from the recall from the transcript. You know, what I don't know if. Now from the transcripts. It was unmanned the crafts. Yeah. It's intelligent control. But you know, I I the reason I'm calling the intelligent control is because when it took off. Why would it make a right turn? Right. Right. I mean, those are things that you know, from observations for that. But and novel. No snow. I don't think. So. Okay. Okay. Well, what about I mean? You know, you just now said it was unmanned what if they were tiny little itty bitty things. I mean, I just say throw it out there. Well, i'm. There's definitely no way. It can be Tyler's by. A human being. I mean, right. Oh, yeah. It just wasn't big enough. I mean high. Gotcha unhumorous that's really interesting about that is because when they had the containment team coming off from Langley a couple of days. She wants thirty out, and they they only sense off area and all that kind of stuff, and they did tests and one of the tests that is the ground was frozen, you know, because, you know, the time of year, and and the impressions were like a inch and a half down ground, and they determined that this craft wait some around seven tons so. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. On the on the landing gear that didn't exist. I can see. Yeah. That was interesting too, by the way. So let's take a phone call here. Anti on the wild line card of Alabama has a question for you. Jim. Hi there. Anne, welcome to coast to coast. How are you? Hi, ana. Yes. Any is. Okay. She is asking. Cam so nice of you come on the show. I would like to know about the story of heard about the craft flew over at Brando, Sean and send a light beam or blue thing on a nuclear missile facility and disabled the nuclear missiles does that have anything to do with this incident, you're talking about no. Well incident was that was it that Lauder. Well, no, I I my Donnelly thinking about that. It would started attributed the bent waters. I know of even you know, from what started Nevelson Pearl hall told me that that sounds case. Yeah. Thank thank you for that. Call an ala Alabama, you know, that's the thing with so bitty. There's different documentaries out there. There's different things that you hear. But that was a whole nother incident that I remember she's talking about where you are foes were seen over the missiles, and they were shut off new nuclear missiles, and they were turned off. Let me tell you about sergeant novels one of the things that he was upset about it. You just told me that some of the last couple of months, he I think it was oh, I can't remember the documentary knowledge mega few years ago. And. Paranormal something, okay. I can't remember the documentary. And anyway Monroe was really upset because they edit it to make it sound like the beams of light were shooting down in the weapons story. Sherry, yes. I remember that. Yeah. That. That's that's how it sounded. That's what the company wanted. Stike livid over it. He sustain what I said. No, they cut it out. And they think they they they put it the way they wanted to present to the public. That's the problem is with documentaries, everyone I've done the best part of them. I guarantee you are on the cutting room floor. Yes. They're out to make money. You know? But it you're looking for one hundred percent truth. You're not gonna find it. And the thing is they don't need to fake it. They don't need to change it. It's already crazy enough to do that. They don't need to do that. It's just drives me crazy because not only do they do, you know, not only do they do it continuously. But they change these people that really do want to learn about it. They get the wrong information just because somebody wants to I don't know make it different than it is in some way where they think it's better. But it's not is not matter. It's already incredible. As it is. You know, the the Renison forest instrument is not about me. It's not about any other witness out there what it's about it's about the binary code. That's what it's about it. Always. I oh, I didn't know that at the beginning. But now we're at a point of. Our research that is what it's about and the the discoveries that Gary has done are have shown the code within the code and the mass don't lie. I mean, we're gonna stand behind one hundred fifty percent. And and then challenge anybody the debunk. These are good. It's good research. What can you tell us the code and the code within the code? Oh, my it's got to do with the some coordination sites. And is how they will show different things around the world. And plus one of the things that does is it concentrates on the Giza pyramids, and it identifies to changes that are on the right now known, and we do have a team that's actually doing research that's very vulnerable passive speak on it. So were hoping that they get enough permissions from the government of Egypt to do some real thorough research with it. And we're sure that there's gonna be a major find what's it in in the very near future. Major find what do you think that find might be who knows who knows what those those chambers? I mean, maybe there used to be anything. But we think it's it's comedy into that. So you got any of the remote viewers working on that? And the military guys. No, no, no. No. No. No, no. But some of them now, these are these are these are these are actually scientists and their. They're going to go in and do the real thing. Yeah. These are their professors are on grants for other reasons with the universities. Yeah. And we're looking for substantial information to come out. So yeah, we're we're we're quite pleased to. That's great. Yeah. It's so yeah. This the incidents doubt about me. Soundbite anybody any person? It's about something much bigger. Excellent Patty wildcard line number two out of Seattle. Hey there. Patty, welcome to coast to coast. You have a question for Jim. Sure, do and I wanna give a shout out to you Connie. I hear your very first show. You were so giddy. Got to show that show. Thank you. So happy to hear you on the show. You I told you I was going to try and be caller. And here I am. So. Jim Jim Sam my red orb UFO video which I'm not a creator or anything. I just tried to get somebody to see an end Jim managed to look at it. And it was only one of five cliffs, so I put him up on YouTube. So anybody can look at them if they want to, but yeah, Jim, I followed you for probably I don't know twenty some years, and your story is absolutely fascinating. So I what I really wanted to know is and especially since I had this recent sighting, L alone. Did you feel just suddenly joining a club of those who've experienced a UFO sightings something so out of this world, and Secondly feeling separated from the rest of the? Population who has never seen anything and to them. It's just hearsay. Well, it is life changing. There's no doubt about that. I wonder if that forest not believing in such stuff as your photos, and all that kind of thing by left with a total different viewpoint. Yeah. It's something that I had to live with so far thirty eight years, and it's unique. And I don't try to judge anybody on, you know, there encounters or whatever. I think that's it's a personal thing. Like with Randall show. You know, quite honestly, I I don't really care if anybody believes that are not it doesn't bother me because you know, I was on the ground. I was there. I know what happened. So I I don't think I li- I like to public. Bothered me like that. You know, the the naysayers are. People trying to to bunket. Hey, they're doing a really bad job at the bunker. This is thirty eight years come on. Yeah. Patty. Thank you so much for that question out of Seattle. Nice lady. And boy she's into a two and she did she. She nailed you. She got you. She said she was going to. Yeah. I've seen those videos like she says, well, what do you think? I don't know. This is a downside. It's it's a you AP. I don't know what to say. I bet you see those a lot. Yeah. It's nice to be able to watch a actual video that was taken in someone's backyard. And this the first time it's happened. I had happened with a lady who lives in northwest, Indiana two. She showed me one. And I even sent it out to my friends that were JPL it works out JPL in California. And also at Lucasfilm's. Have you ever seen a good? They come back. And they say they don't know what it is. So you know, those things there. Yeah. You know, all the reports ninety nine percent are explainable, you know, whether it's right. There is aircraft Dr drones or something like that. But then there's that one percents factor. And the one percent factor is huge. I mean of all the reports a year that's like five thousand. Unknowns. So yeah. Have you have you ever hung out and talked with Travis Walton, you know, Travis and I have talked back and forth, you know, on the internet Matt for twenty years. I guess, you know, whether it's advice, or whatever it is. One thing. I'd like to do is probably get with him and just sit down and have a a long talk. That would be a I think productive talk. Oh my gosh. I want blue rock to be right there with you, man. That would be awesome. I couldn't imagine have have a nice steak dinner little bottle of wine and talk that would be fabulous. There you go. Now, it'd be fabulous wildcard line. Number three. Charles out of Elgin, Texas, Charles is that right is Elgin elegant elegant taxes. That's how he pronounced it down here. Like, the Elgin marbles over there in Elgin, Illinois, one of those places. Well, welcome to coast. Yep. I Well, I I wanted to ask I'm on acid and James, Jim. All right. If he's if if at any point in college and had an interest. Yeah. Showdown and interests. They may have had an interest in not shown it in in the Randall some incident. But also, what do you think you think that that any technology that might be discovered say at Giza or somewhere else, we'll be sequestered or do you think you might be able to get some knowledge of it out to the public? Well, the plan is to go have a full disclosure. Yes. Fine. As far as naval intelligence, the people that I didn't not know they were serious enduring the bracing aside building and one was American and the other one had a British accent. So as far as naval intelligence. I I can't ask I had nothing to indicate that. Oh. Yeah. How good Charles. Thank you. I answered.

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