President Trump, CBS, FBI discussed on 24 Hour News


Are Matt piper found alive a thirteen year old Wisconsin girl, missing for months was found about an hour for where she was last seen CBS news. Correspondent Elaine Kiana with more on Jamie Kloss now found thirteen-year-old girl had been missing since mid October. When her parents, James and Denise claws were found fatally shot in their home. The search expanded beyond baron after police received hundreds of tips with hundreds of volunteers joining the search shortly. After Jamie was found police say a suspect was taken into custody. Police have stayed tight-lipped. But a news conference is set for later this morning. CBS is major Garrett on President Trump's spending Thursday along the border and possibly transferring billions of dollars to fund his wall, we need a barrier. President Trump survey the US Mexico border near mcallen, and the people who protecting part of his ongoing campaign to portray the border is overrun by migrants, drugs and human trafficking. So we're gonna get this straightened out. Hopefully, hopefully, the Democrats are gonna come to their senses before leaving for Texas, the president frustrated by democratic opposition to wall funding said he is seriously considering declaring a national emergency and seizing unspent. Pentagon construction funds. We are now in day twenty one of a government shutdown and the first day. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are not getting a paycheck CBS. Jeff gays reports morale is quite bad at the FBI agents are set to not get paid to nearly thirteen thousand FBI agents will not get a paycheck and the FBI agents association told the White House. Congress that without it agents face financial, insecurity that could lead some to find other work ongoing FBI investigations also been hampered by the shutdown lack.

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