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Uh apple just bought them for four hundred million dollars so there's some money in that i kiss it was a it was a strange acquisition i think what we all concluded after a looking into it was really it wasn't so much that particular technology apple wanted it was there was some very smart engineers they're very smart up scooter x his pixel to did recognize it so maybe as planet too loud can i get seventeen thousand songs but this aim one henry we have different databases scooter x eighty eight 88 ask leo the phone number back to the phones we go and it's frank in burbank hello frankly a report the techa highly yo hey on i want an altered anything that can help me filter out the um and there's in videos of pop up one watch you know um on the internet if i wanna to listen to music on my computer that can play their music or listen to a lecture but if i am also working and going from website to website there's ads and oh i know and and a lot of them have started up auto play video and audio that interrupts you music yeah yeah exactly yeah drives you crazy drives me crazy yeah so is there any way is there any kind of a software program where you can uh dedicate a channel 2 where only plays bad and yes also excluded yeah so well there's a couple of ways to solve this everybody realizes now that this is a auto play videos these kind of the bane of the internet it's really enacting.

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