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I mean there's no other reason enjoyed killing going for the body count right made. He did it because he he wanted to he could. We've talked about and wanted. Things i noticed too is through the taskforces. You had these valleys and peaks august august sixteenth after the three bodies are found and then windy caufield and deborah. You've got the task force back up and running because it's still shades of bundy. Then it comes down again then it comes back up again but eventually even with all the body count. I mean we're up to. We're getting close to get over in the forties now. Eventually this task force comes back down. But not before you actually. Have you find a lot more bodies. There's a lot of things that you get into in actually one of the things. I wanna talk to you about. It's about this time it somewhere around. I think one thousand nine hundred eighty six. You're getting angry. And i mean you threaten to quit because you just got so angry about what was going on what what was happening with you at that time that you finally said i'm done with this can't take it anymore specific as man. There's a lot of things i can think of. But i don't know what you're who had happened after the fbi briefings about bill. The bill mclean story. you know. They've built a case and they were overconfident. He passed the polygraph. You were angry about all the lost. Time with mclean and then you threaten to quit after the mclean incident. Yea i think with any investigation you have ups and downs. I'm sure steve. You know pablo escobar. You have ups and downs. Oh yeah you consider giving up you know. You're thinking that we were thinking. Hey just let the gas surrender again. Who cares lets. You saw go home but you can't do that no can't do that. You're human and so you. Have you have this roller coaster ride. We had evidence. We thought was going to be the thing that that was going to solve. This case. microscopic little plastic glass. They were the small plastic. I'm sorry microscopic glass beads that we thought was going to solve this case and it turns out everybody's got microscopic black glass beads on them because they use them when they spray paint the white lines on the highways the yellow strips down the middle of the highways. They bounce all over the place. They're just in the in the air the atmosphere and so everyone has the stuck to their shoes of their socks. That's what we were told back in the eighties. I don't know what the us today. But bellwood foster was was a high we thought we were gonna get it down the fbi thought they were getting it with mclean and when we finally get to mclean. The fbi is coming in. Basically some of us felt like the detectives. It had been there for a while. We're just being ignored. It was all about the fbi. I thought it was mclean. We're all going after mclean..

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