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We're trying to figure out what we're supposed to do how we're supposed to do it. What's pleasing to got everything begins and ends in scripture. Never should we here. But i think but i feel but when you have these conversations you often hear but i think but i feel and people try to allow to get to to be what drives them and yet we know that scripture in scripture alone is what drives us if you're here this morning and you're hearing this message and you're not a child of god and that is your desire. Here this morning brethren yuka come forward. You could come forward to be baptized for the remission of your sins. You come forward to receive the gift of the holy spirit guide and chapter two hundred forty seven will add you to the kingdom of price edge to the church. You have that opportunity if you've been thinking about it for awhile. What's hindering you what's holding you back. There's something hindering you something holding you back. You need to speak with me. You need to speak with one of our shepherds elders and we can help. Walk you through that answer any concerns you may have. You may be here this morning and you're just hurting. You're struggling. You're having a tough time. You could come forward this morning. We'll pray for you and we'll pray for you and help the put a plan in place for you to get through to get over. What whatever it is an struggling with if you here this morning you've been away from the church for any length of time brethren. You can be restored to the church here this morning. Become an active part of the membership here lincoln park so if that is you this morning come forward as we stand to sing the song vegetation..

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